You know what? I'm tired. I won't engage on Stallman anymore. I used to love this place, and that rift he created is consuming slowly the entire community.
I said my piece many times, and I won't change a thing, so I'm done.
Let's go back to talking about computers, science, philosophy and games. :)

@ghil haha the laugh is on my side, I muted all the drama people for a week last week, so I've been happy with the (admittedly a bit quiet) feed :)

@ghil I’ll do the first step 😂 here’s a cool video about the Palette 3 pro. Highly recommend if you are into

That's insane! I didn't know this existed.
It's now on my "I need this in my life" list :P

@ghil second this. Things I buy once I win in lottery and don’t care about spending money on things I don’t really need.

@AaronTheIssueGuy @ghil Hmm.. I don't get this machine (I'm not well-versed in 3d printing).

So this machine basically mixes the filament beforehand and then feeds it into the nozzle? And the 'transition tower' he talked about was just printed at the side of the model at the times when the filament changed color (ie. when a new color was underway between the Palette and the nozzle)?

@tobtobxx @AaronTheIssueGuy
You got it exactly. It's an external machine to convert a single nozzle extruder into a 4 or 8 nozzles.
Multi-filament setups tend to be extremely expensive, and this is a "cheaper" way to get there.
The downside of this approach is you waste a lot of filament in the transition tower.

@ghil agreed. It's very draining. I said more than I thought I would (and perhaps more than is healthy) a couple of days ago. Yesterday I came across a toot mentioning a blog post which I found very well thought out and I boosted it, butnI almost regret doing that. I hope I can resist the urge from now on.

In these types of things, emotions run high. It feels like the menace, on both side of the argument, is enormous and impending, so the need to act is huge.
I get why we all went in a frenzy. I'm also now sure that the divide is too big, and most players in the space have already played their hands. Extending the talks ad nauseam wouldn't be very productive over here.
Of course, I invite anyone, on both sides, to engage directly with the FSF if they want to change something about it.

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