I've been using computers for 20 years, and I still haven't found the ideal key combination for switching keyboard layouts.

I've tried so many combinations, including adding a dedicated second keyboard for a particular layout.

The main problem is mixed text, where I find myself changing layouts every other word...

What's the problem with ctrl+space? I use it all the time to switch between french and english, which I'm always mixing.

@ghil @eltokhy I've tried things like these, the space one is probably the best, but they work with two choices and I have 4.


@rzg @eltokhy
Oh so you mean each languages has to have a toggle, you don't want to cycle through the list! Yeah that would get unwieldy pretty fast.
Custom layer ctrl+super+ z x c v?

@ghil Yes, I've had super + 1 2 3 4. Ideally, I want each layout a single key. Maybe a 4 key special keyboard :)

Yeah! You could get an independent numpad, those are addressable directly.
You could also get something like a streamdeck, I imagine that would work as well.
There was also some logitech keyboards for gaming with additional macro keys, that would be cool :D

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