I'm seriously wondering if I'm starting in my spare time or if I should go to a bootcamp come january instead.
With Covid, I'm thinking Odin might be a better option though.
And I mean...doing both is always an option.

Time to have some fun.
Fresh new install.
Fresh new OS.
Let's try :)

I come to you with a simple question:
What would you use if you where to start writing a novel on linux today?
I'm used to using Scrivener, but it's Mac (and windows) only.

I vividly remember a series of websites who where one-upping themselves in design that was minimalist like black font and white background, and the name sounded like thebestwebpage.com but it's not that, and my Google Fu is failing me. Anyone remember that?

So wait now I'm confused.
's twitter account got deleted, and the followers were told to follow KeybaseIO instead. But that account just got suspended from Twitter.

What is happening at o.O

What isn't simple about Arch anymore that was back then?

I'm about to finish .
What a journey.
The game bills itself as a "cozy management game about dying" and it is an apt description. A bit of Stardew Valley mixed with a visual novel that both clashes with and enhances the light gameplay.

I loved it, and if you like chill games, you probably will too.

Fosstodon, I have a question.
Who do you trust most for your cloud backups?

Could we get polls with more than 4 choices? That'd be swell :D

I was just thinking about that, but I'd like to know how the Fosstodon feels about this.
What do you think the future of Desktop Linux looks like?
Please feel free to expand in the comments!

I'm thinking that a wider range of reactions would be cool. A bit like Discord, sometimes I want to react without necessarily tooting, but "favorite" doesn't cut it.

Oh man the number of times that happened in my family.
I realized it was a matter of friction. The less friction I introduced, the more chances I had.
Changing them from Facebook messaging I never succeeded in . Way too much friction.

@alexbuzzbee I didn’t know the answer so I googled it. It brought me to a 1999 article that had the answer, and sent me down a fascinating trail.
The Cidco Mailstation was such a weird machine, even when it was released. You can see the comments clearly going “but what about a pda instead?”

Truly a fun search, thank you for that!

POSTODON! General purpose daily posting bot! It's ready for beta use. Version 0.0.1

It's basically promptodon but a little more customizeable :) If you want an easy to use bot that will post daily and reply to a single slash command with one of those daily posts, then this is the project for you!


I'm actively seeking feedback, contribution, and testers. If you use this, let me know! If you have a problem, let me know!

Boosts plz, very highly appreciated :)

"The entitlement of these fuckers is just off the charts. They have zero right, none, to the tracking they’ve been getting away with. We, as a society, have implicitly accepted it because we never really noticed it."


Starting a new rice. I'm calling it Neuromancer. I have a vision, I'm pretty far from it, but I can't wait to get there.
By the way! Fish is amazing. I wish I'd switched sooner haha.

Messed a little with @keyoxide. I like it! It's a bit to set up, but it's a cool concept.

I checked out Keybase, but I’m afraid I don’t “get” what it’s about. Anyone can help me a bit and explain?


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