, I need your help. I recently dropped Facebook, but I have to keep messenger around for the family, where we regularly chat and video.
If I wanted to replace it with another chat software, which one would you recommend?
It needs to be simple, it needs to be both mobile and desktop, it needs to be able to do chat and video and images.

Do you remember when for a brief moment in like 2006, everyone wanted to have their desktop look like a cartoon, and the only icon set that mattered was Buuf?

I still wish people would experiment like this and go out of the box.


I'm still learning KDE, so I followed a tutorial online to get a basic rice done, and I thought I would use it as a base to create my own like always...but I ended up loving it and setting it as is, wallpaper included.

I just discovered 's advanced setting for multiple collumns, and now I'm over the moon. Love it.

If you think Mastodon should require captions or at least require explicitly opting out of posting a caption when posting images and videos, please add a 👍 reaction to this issue on GitHub and boost this post.

Hello! I'd like to know, what do you use on Linux to track your expenses and make your budget?

Question of the day!
What client do you like for linux? I'm trying to choose and I get a bit paralyzed haha

Now that I no longer need social medias for my job,
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been deactivated. Goodbye, see you never.

I'm sure at least one person here never listened to this great mashup, so Imma leave this here:

You know what? I'm tired. I won't engage on Stallman anymore. I used to love this place, and that rift he created is consuming slowly the entire community.
I said my piece many times, and I won't change a thing, so I'm done.
Let's go back to talking about computers, science, philosophy and games. :)

I just discovered that and I audibly aww-ed.
A 4 year old girl who made her first kernel patch so that a sad S need not be anymore:

I spent a lot of my afternoon trying to install drivers properly on my optimus laptop.

..I hate nvidia. I hate Optimus. -_-

I kinda hate the new trend of companies that don't take no for an answer.
It's not "don't show me this anymore", it's "Show me less of this".
It's not "no", it's "not now".

I reinstalled for the first time in about 10 years. Maybe more. When was the last KDE3?
Anyway, I'm looking for a change of pace, let's see how KDE evolved :D

Well, after all the trials and tribulations, is dead. Bioware is officially stopping development on Anthem next.
We could see it coming, but it's still a horrible mess that tarnished Bioware forever, and the redemption story never came.
I hope their upcoming games do better for them!

The Waver part of the CC0 is art.Honestly. It's just beautifully crafted. So many words to say: Don't want the rights, k thx.

I wonder how long you need to study the relevant legal texts to come up with something that's universally applicable like that.


I am so torn on .
On the one hand, it's efficient. On the other, security concerns and Unix philosophy.
I'm far from an expert in these things, but when your init scheme can be called an application suite, and goes so far as to have a DNS resolver...
Aren't we far, far away from the road?

So! Coming back to Linux on my home machine after a torturous few days, I decided to try the Fedora 33 beta. And I realized it was wayland, so I took the opportunity to try Sway. So far it is smooooooth.

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