I kinda hate the new trend of companies that don't take no for an answer.
It's not "don't show me this anymore", it's "Show me less of this".
It's not "no", it's "not now".

I reinstalled for the first time in about 10 years. Maybe more. When was the last KDE3?
Anyway, I'm looking for a change of pace, let's see how KDE evolved :D

Well, after all the trials and tribulations, is dead. Bioware is officially stopping development on Anthem next.
We could see it coming, but it's still a horrible mess that tarnished Bioware forever, and the redemption story never came.
I hope their upcoming games do better for them!

The Waver part of the CC0 is art.Honestly. It's just beautifully crafted. So many words to say: Don't want the rights, k thx.

I wonder how long you need to study the relevant legal texts to come up with something that's universally applicable like that.


I am so torn on .
On the one hand, it's efficient. On the other, security concerns and Unix philosophy.
I'm far from an expert in these things, but when your init scheme can be called an application suite, and goes so far as to have a DNS resolver...
Aren't we far, far away from the road?

So! Coming back to Linux on my home machine after a torturous few days, I decided to try the Fedora 33 beta. And I realized it was wayland, so I took the opportunity to try Sway. So far it is smooooooth.

I'm currently on Windows for a bit, had to backup 1password's password (switching to Bitwarden)
...which you can't do on Linux.
Plus, I'm trying to see if once configured, the Drobo can be used on Linux or not.
I'm surprised at the snappiness of the desktop, but I hated the install with the 8 thousand telemetry questions.

A friend of mine gave me a Drobo 5D. At first I was ecstatic, but then I realized that the Linux support is non-existent and nobody updated drobo-utils in so long it's basically useless.

I am jack's intense disappointment.

I really tried to get used to it.
I just can't wrap my head around a laptop keyboard. I need to plug in a mechanical keyboard.

Well. certainly is an amazing experience. The only thing I hate, and I hate it with some passion, is the hint mode's colors. that thing can blind a man faster than an eclipse!

I'm slowly realising it would be advantageous to distinguish between community users and companies.

Since I tend to browse the local tab way more than on something like Twitter, what amounts to ads are passed like normal comments and I'm wary of a future where the local tab won't be all that interesting, if Mastodon continues to grow like that.

So I installed a couple of days ago, and seems like a really cool protocol.
Anyone has any suggestion on awesome communities out there in the FOSS/linux/computing sphere?

I'm seriously wondering if I'm starting in my spare time or if I should go to a bootcamp come january instead.
With Covid, I'm thinking Odin might be a better option though.
And I mean...doing both is always an option.

Time to have some fun.
Fresh new install.
Fresh new OS.
Let's try :)

I come to you with a simple question:
What would you use if you where to start writing a novel on linux today?
I'm used to using Scrivener, but it's Mac (and windows) only.

I vividly remember a series of websites who where one-upping themselves in design that was minimalist like black font and white background, and the name sounded like thebestwebpage.com but it's not that, and my Google Fu is failing me. Anyone remember that?

So wait now I'm confused.
's twitter account got deleted, and the followers were told to follow KeybaseIO instead. But that account just got suspended from Twitter.

What is happening at o.O

What isn't simple about Arch anymore that was back then?

I'm about to finish .
What a journey.
The game bills itself as a "cozy management game about dying" and it is an apt description. A bit of Stardew Valley mixed with a visual novel that both clashes with and enhances the light gameplay.

I loved it, and if you like chill games, you probably will too.

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