So this morning I nuked my arch install to make a 30 day on Fedora challenge. See what I like, see what I don't, etc...
And then I opened up worldle, and realized I just nuked my save as well. -_-

because of course I'm now addicted.

Wordle 207 6/6


Wordle 206 6/6


is trending a lot in gaming news right now, and I don't think anybody really knows what they are, they are all just scrambling to get on the bandwagon as soon as possible. It's so weird.

So I'm still investigating a replacement for , and found some things that where okay, but I stumbled on two that are promising: The and . Anyone use them and can tell me how you like them?

I hate that is still the defacto standard in books. It never improves, in a constant state of mediocrity, but doesn't feel like it should because there's just nothing else in the space.
And that sucks soo much. The less things we use from , the better we are.

Amazon Linux 2022 is a thing.
It's a Fedora-based distribution with a 2 year life cycle and "frequent and quarterly updates".
It also thoughts having SElinux enabled by default.

I have no idea what to think.

APT just changed their "Do as I say" line to an error line instead because of the whole thing a week back.
I think that's good. It was a weird thing anyway. Protected and essential packages shouldn't be able to be discarded as a sideproduct of another command.

I'm always a bit weary of articles that are "the best ... in 2021" but I'm a bit curious. What's your favorite webhost, and why?

It's been such a strange year away from this place. I'm glad to be back, I'm already scrolling through the timeline and seeing familiar faces, it's nice :)

, I need your help. I recently dropped Facebook, but I have to keep messenger around for the family, where we regularly chat and video.
If I wanted to replace it with another chat software, which one would you recommend?
It needs to be simple, it needs to be both mobile and desktop, it needs to be able to do chat and video and images.

Do you remember when for a brief moment in like 2006, everyone wanted to have their desktop look like a cartoon, and the only icon set that mattered was Buuf?

I still wish people would experiment like this and go out of the box.

I'm still learning KDE, so I followed a tutorial online to get a basic rice done, and I thought I would use it as a base to create my own like always...but I ended up loving it and setting it as is, wallpaper included.

I just discovered 's advanced setting for multiple collumns, and now I'm over the moon. Love it.

If you think Mastodon should require captions or at least require explicitly opting out of posting a caption when posting images and videos, please add a 👍 reaction to this issue on GitHub and boost this post.

Hello! I'd like to know, what do you use on Linux to track your expenses and make your budget?

Question of the day!
What client do you like for linux? I'm trying to choose and I get a bit paralyzed haha

Now that I no longer need social medias for my job,
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been deactivated. Goodbye, see you never.

I'm sure at least one person here never listened to this great mashup, so Imma leave this here:

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