I feel rough so decided to work from the couch today. I've been on video meetings for ~5 hours of my ~8hr day and my has been on battery power the entire time.

I still have 46% battery left. Screenshot attached for any non-believers. 🙃

This thing really is incredible.

@kev I say us the FOSS crowd should actually *learn* from these guys. There are obvious benefits for a vast majority of users in having a tightly knit system like Mac's is. Yes, there's a lot of fun in your usual Linux distro... if you are into that sort of thing... But if you want usability and great UX, I'm sorry, Apple is the reference. Glad you love it!

But I guess the FOSS world is way too proud and full of themselves to understand this.


@arivigo @kev I think you can support FOSS but also enjoy apple until the foss projects catch up or get close to their UX, design etc. And even take inspiration from them.

I want an ecosystem that works seamlessly like apples, except that it should be FOSS

@geotechland @arivigo @kev Yeah! We should have to choose between FOSS and a tightly-integrated, seamless experience.

Isn’t it clear that we want both?

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