I saw this Norton ad "Anti-virus for gamers" πŸ˜‚

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@geotechland Wow. Guess i need to get this otherwise can i even call myself a gamer?

@geotechland If it doesn't have RGB LEDs, you cannot say it's for gamers :blobcatbaguettehero:

@arek @geotechland If you don't need to download more ram to overclock your RGB are you even a real gamer?

@splatt9990 You joke, but the lights on my brother's computer started working again when he turned on "Extreme RAM" in the Gamer BIOS. :thonking:

@geotechland Remember kids, if you add "gaming" to the long list of buzzwords you use on your marketing your product will sell like hot cakes :)

Gaming browser
Gaming word processor
Gaming file manager
Gaming text editor
Gaming image editor
Gaming task manager
Gaming media player
Gaming gaming

@geotechland @arek More telemetry, useless social media sidebar, a VPN that's likely eavesdropping on the user's activity, and a kinda clunky browser in my opinion.

My little brother is not into free software or privacy.

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