@geotechland Thanks for sharing! I remember trying to game on Linux back in the late-90s and it was...pretty bleak. Nowadays, I load up Steam (which in itself is amazing) and there are at least 100 games from my library listed. So awesome!

@tilvids NIce! Do you still play some games on windows are have you gone full linux?

To be honest: I'm not happy with Gaming on Linux. I tried it recently again (Manjaro with 5.x kernel and a nvidia gtx 1080 ti) with Horizon Zero Dawn.
Bad performance in comparision to windows.
So i will stick on my dedicated win 10 PC for Gaming:)

@the_white_wolf @geotechland Mind you, if the reports on ProtonDB are to be trusted, the dramatic performance downgrade seems to be a somewhat common HZD issue, and may not fully represent proton's usual performance hit.

(However, for me, some games like Watchdogs 2 struggle to launch without heavy configuring in the first place, so proton is still a mixed bag of results.)

@Charlie @the_white_wolf

Just get a ps4 bro... JK haha

I checked out protondb, I wonder if this game would work better with an AMD GPU using Steam's ACO shaders 🤔

PS4 Pro...never heart from it:)...can we eat it? :DD

Fun aside mayby it would better run with a AMD Card but for years nvidia was the only choice if you want high end performance. Now we have Big Navi but you can't buy one😒. So i must stick on my gtx 1080 ti.
Plus my time is limited and after work i only want to play games without the need of tweaking.
For me a game must run out the box.


@the_white_wolf @geotechland That's fair. Maybe they'll push a proton update to improve HZD performance in the future. They've done similar moves for other games in the past.

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