@geotechland @PINE64 @gnome goes well with @ManjaroARM as well as long as you install it on eMMC or SSD. When using it from microSD you’ll notice some lacks though...

@appelgriebsch @PINE64 @gnome @ManjaroARM Definitely, I've covered manjaro on the pinebook pro as well. It's nice to have the bleeding edge :D

@geotechland @PINE64 @gnome Can't wait to get our hands on a Pinebook Pro and run Fedora. Thinking this will help make us more productive as we currently don't own a laptop.

@geotechland @PINE64 @gnome Thanks for always posting your videos to alternative video platforms like Odysee! Recently, I've decided to move away from Youtube and I really appreciate being able to watch your content elsewhere.

@leimon Glad you are enjoying my content! I definitely would like to see these alternatives grow but also still give people the option to watch anywhere.

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