@geotechland @LemmyDev I'm joined, just waiting for the user base to grow before switching entirely 😁

@logburn I’ve never used either but ill be using more and try to get users on Reddit to switch 😎

@geotechland @logburn #Lemmy has fundamental design flaws at the very core. You say it's "opensource" as if someone can just make a few tweaks but really the whole package should be scrapped and redesigned from scratch. I won't detail all the problems, but one of the biggest problems is that users must execute #javascript just to simply read posts. narwhal.city is a smarter design (but rough cosmetically)

@logburn @geotechland I also have to say it's a bit of a disservice to the public to produce a commercial for #Lemmy, giving an imbalanced all-is-good view from the 3rd person. They didn't pay you to do that video, did they? So search around, dig up the criticisms, and present them too.

@koherecoWatchdog @geotechland nobody said it was perfect. the project still hasn't released a v1 so I'm willing to forgive some issues with the site. even after a v1 release, so long as it is *good enough* to use and attracts a user base, it is a good project. there's no point to a "better" platform if nobody is using it, so I'll stick with Lemmy.

@logburn @geotechland Lemmy's flaws are /precisely/ why the review shouldn't be one-sided. If it were perfect, only then would it make sense to give an all-positive glowing review.

@koherecoWatchdog @logburn

I agree with you that the video comes across like an advertisement. I usually like to give pros and cons of anything I review.

I was praising Lemmy because it has a very user friendly interface, a somewhat big community, and is opensource.

@koherecoWatchdog @logburn

It already has a solid base and felt that any changes people didn't like could be modified so it wouldn't be too big of an issue.

In a sense, compared to Reddit, it is great and that is why the video came across more as praising it.

@koherecoWatchdog you got a couple things wrong:

1. reading posts works fine without javascript, its only needed for posting

2. a frontend without js is already under development (though inactive at the moment) github.com/IronOxidizer/lemmy-

3. anyone can write their own frontend for lemmy, because that part is completely separate from the backend join.lemmy.ml/docs/en/contribu

@geotechland @logburn

@LemmyDev @koherecoWatchdog @logburn

I'm glad there will be an option without JS.

I have a love/hate with JS as it makes life easier in some ways but it introduces more security risk I think.

@geotechland @logburn

I really like the idea of a federate reddit alike platform.
Unfortunate it's developed by tankies, that aim to design the platform as a mean to unboard new potential "members".
(tankies are people that admire Lenin, authoritarian governments as long as branded as being red, are fine with genocides if done by the right people,...)

@syster @logburn That's a fair point, although I am not sure if the devs are using it specifically to recruit. The codebase is opensource so anyone can modify it as needed.

The same way Gab forked mastodon.

@geotechland @logburn
Ever wonder why the most popular instances having .ml in their address?
Some say that's just the top-level domain for Mali, others say they choose this TLD type as a dog whistle for ML (Marxism-Leninism)
Ever wonder why the second most popular instance is called lemmygrad.ml?
Yes, a dogwistle and a romantasies reference to Stalingrad. Look at the symbol they use, they don't even hide the fact being tankies.

@geotechland @logburn
>is opensource so anyone can modify

that is true. But #lemmy is not just some lines of code that run isolated form human interaction. Lemmy is a federated network of reddit alike instances. They can make sure that particular communities receive higher or less visibility.

Similar to joinmastodon, you're presented many different communities. You won't find Gab being presented there. If it would be presented there, I would oppose mastodon, gladly they don't.

@geotechland @logburn

#Lemmy explicitly and implicitly promotes Marxist-Leninism. And I believe this to be very concerning.

@syster @logburn

Oh it's no secret the devs are biased toward communism. I am fine with that.

When Bitchute launched, it clearly had a bias toward right wing ideology and it still does. They frequently promote right wing channels on twitter.

I think it's fair to point out the biases but I don't think Lemmy devs are being malicious. They are open about their bias.

I know one of the devs that you speak of, I use to post my content on his peertube instance.

@geotechland @logburn
>Oh it's no secret the devs are biased toward communism.

Being biased towards Marxist-Leninism is not equal to being biased towards communism.

>When Bitchute launched, it clearly had a bias toward right wing ideology and it still does.

It's an project by the alt-right. So simply don't use it, and don't promote it.

@geotechland @logburn
I think I need to correct myself:
It's fine to use such plattform, as long it only intents to confront their harmfull ideology.
If you use it to, let's say talk about just linux, you'll just attrackt more users to a plattform that is designed to spread harmfull ideology.

@syster @logburn I am curious what you think communism means? Everyone has a different definition. And you seem to think it means some evil authoritarian gov.

My point is the mastodon creators have a bias toward speech that you agree with so you have no problem with them.

I could argue that they should let users decide which instances they would like to interact with instead of banning instances at the server level.

@syster @logburn

So mast devs, lemmy devs, and bitchute all have their biases. The difference is you seem to think lemmy devs might be equivalent to gab or idk while I see no issue.

Also, you should read their recent statement on Lemmy: lemmy.ml/post/55143

@syster @geotechland @logburn I understand why people would be worried about the left, because frankly they've been intolerant towards anyone who doesn't believe exactly what they do.

Cancel culture used to belong to the religious right, now it belongs to the religious left, and people trying to hurt others like that is scary. It's wrong when anyone does it.

I'd like to see a return to tolerance of people who have different beliefs, where we can disagree in vigorous debate and get angry at each other but respect each other at the end of the day.

Personally, I think the solution should be freedom and transparency. Let instances choose whether to activate the slur filter, and also let them choose what their slur filter consists of, and make it easy to look up what that slur filter consists of. Maybe the Southern California communist slur filter consists of a bunch of "ableist" stuff, and maybe the middle eastern slur filter consists of a bunch of blasphemous stuff. Maybe there's some really specialized community that doesn't want something you've never even considered on that list, and maybe there's a bunch of communities that don't believe in banning words at all. Hell, if you wanted you could even set up the filters so that an instance that doesn't have at least the rules you have isn't allowed to interact with your instance.

Tolerance and Freedom sometimes don't feel very good. It means that people you disagree with get to do things you don't want them to do, but it's a social contract that means you can do things they don't want you to do as well.

@syster @logburn

I don't see it as a concern as there are many lemmy groups that people can join and can ignore the political content.

I was posting on bitchute despite the right wing content.


Boosted the video but it appears under "Wild West" instead of "Tech" on odysee. Might want to ask lbry if you can have your channel moved :)

@tuxfoo I may just reach out. I have noticed i have never seen it on the TECH page. I was thinking it was due to not "boosting my videos with LBRY"

@geotechland @LemmyDev so it's kinda like raddi but decentralized and not explicitly leftist?
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