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Aside from all the decentralization benefits, I can use on my computer instead of my phone. That alone makes it better to me.

@pell what do you mean? You can use instagram on computer, you just can't upload story on it.

@huy_ngo That's what I mean. I'm not interested in using or installing any of them on my phone.

@pell @geotechland @pixelfed @PixelDroid @dansup This right here. I never got the appeal of something you can only use from a phone.

@dansup @pixelfed @PixelDroid I like the work you are doing with Pixelfed! Hoping pixelfed continues to grow 🚀 :pixelfed:

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It's very promising, it requires an official app though to be really competitive with intstagram and commercial platforms

@retrorobobotnik89 @pixelfed @PixelDroid @dansup I agree! Ther's pixeldroid which is smooth and then the official app will have an ios version which I think will really help.

@geotechland @pixelfed @pixelfed @PixelDroid @dansup yes due to less #Facebook spying. Instagram is better in design and reach but #pixelfed does have a storage limit

@geotechland of course it is; it’s even better than Instagram & much more privacy minded 🛡

@geotechland @pixelfed @PixelDroid @dansup

I think the service is a valid alternative and I like to switch. But currently I can only find 2 Apps for Android supporting it and both stopped being developed last year.
With not being able to send stories/posts from the device that has the camera, my usage is pretty low.
Also I don't know why the web version hides the public stream into a sub-menu.

@geotechland @pixelfed @PixelDroid @dansup By putting a link to Google YouTube and before a link to free/libre PeerTube, you seem not to be fully sure that PeerTube is a viable alternative to Google YouTube! Delete Facebook and Instagram, of course, but delete Google too.


That's a fair critique. I am actually not sure whether Peertube will take off or not as opensource projects come and go. I'd like it to one day replace youtube but don't see that as a viable goal in the short term at least. I will continue making videos about peertube in order to help promote it.

Odysee looks more promising due to attacting creators because of monetization but sometimes latency is an issue which is why I don't post links but maybe I could.

I also put both links to give users options. Plus I dont mind getting views on youtube as it helps the algorithm which helps me grow there. i dont mind growing on YT as it helps me bring new users that would otherwise not find my content on the fediverse.

But I am curious how many in the fediverse are using peertube or prefer youtube so I will run a poll 🤓

Just as an information, peertube is developed by an association, with people paid for the work
In my opinion, it's a good hint that it's here to stay as it's not depending on one person.

@openmastering @geotechland @nspanti IMHO peertube will be here to stay, since the motivations are different than on LBRY. It's not developed with a profit motive ... this says that it is uncorruptable. Think of #peertube as a platform, like Wordpress, easy to setup, and everyone will eventually use it. Also, just look at fediverse.party and see how many servers there are, and compare that to LBRY .. it's truly decentralized. These are early days.

@lps @openmastering @nspanti definitely! To clarify, I agree the peertube software itself will stick around, nonprofit/community funded projects can be resilient and not having the profit motive helps.

I meant I don't know whether peertube instances will become more viable than alts like LBRY.

I'd prefer that Peertube instances succeed and I'll do my best to promote them but I'll still be posting my content on different platforms.

@geotechland @openmastering @nspanti great idea, I've read recently that there are tools to allow syncing content from YT directly to peertube which I know LBRY does. Personally I think what we all should be doing is trying to promote FOSS options first by gently nudging people that may not be aware of the alternatives.

Mentioning the availability of your content on peertube, or even posting teasers on YT that promote LBRY or Peertube to watch the whole episode?

@lps All video platforms is about content. At least more wellknown Youtubers make a good profit with it and therefore there are lots of them. Profit is a motivation and for some it may be a living. There is lot's of good content.

On Peertube it is not that easy at least nothing comparable. This means, that you will see different content on both platforms.

Currently you see more and more Youtubers additionally having mostly Patreon links in their video descriptions, something like this (with Liberapay) may also be possible on Peertube for monetization.

Especially now in Corona times many smaller artists did loose their commissions, so one way for them would be to get a bit of money by providing videos.

@openmastering @geotechland @nspanti

@herrdoering @nspanti @geotechland @openmastering One thing is for sure, the algorithms on YT are working against smaller channels and after the forced ad injecting that they recently imposed the situation is even worse.

I definitely think the best way forward is to skip the middleman and for creators to get direct funding from their communities, liberapay being preferable over Patreon of course;)

@herrdoering @nspanti @geotechland @openmastering my argument against LBRY is that once people migrate to it since the "grass is greener" the monetization split will change eventually, it always does, no one should think otherwise.

@lps @herrdoering @nspanti @geotechland That's it. Bake your own bread. Reclaim your freedom. But it's also taxing and time consuming. YT makes it easy. But I can imagine a smaller scene from people who care about content creators ans support them. And it could exist on the fediverse.

@openmastering @lps @herrdoering @nspanti Yep a great solution would be to have a direct way to financially support creators. Like liberapay built into Peertube.

Maybe do a pay what you can subscription and it can be distributed to the creators based on watch time?

@geotechland @openmastering @herrdoering @nspanti I like that idea. I wish we could use liberapay like a digital wallet that we could preload and it would get distributed, as you said, based on engagement. Or used as a digital tip jar;)

@geotechland @openmastering @herrdoering @nspanti
Why do I remember there being a donate button, under the video with options on peertube? I don't see it on share.tube but I was sure I've seen it somewhere.

That's a
very good point, that doesn't seem clear....could use some design love

@openmastering @herrdoering @nspanti

@herrdoering You're entirely right. I wish there would be more than just money as an incentive to move somewhere else than YT. On the other hand, good content requires time and knowledge...
I wish people would more support content creators...

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