@geotechland not sure I like the new UI. Think ill stick to the classic.

@jordan31 I think it's a nice design just not practical for mobile. Hoping there will be more layouts in the future.

@geotechland I'm not yet convinced but maybe we just need to get used to it

@krille like the many linux DE's im sure we'll have options :)

@geotechland Cool videos, they helped me a lot when I was thinking about trying out UBports.
I liked it after flashing. I had to pass though as there is no wireguard on it (and some other stuff).

@erlequin ahh i've never used wireguard. Yes it was easy to install it on the nexus 5. The installer makes it easy for noobs :)

@geotechland Great videos indeed Geotechland, thank you. Watched couple of them before trying UBports and they were really helpful. What I liked about the Nexus 5: They even have an UBports Splash screen available! It look so cool. Otherwise it was silly getting always that evil G logo, although there was UBports on the phone.

@erlequin glad they were helpful! Yeah it always rubbed me the wrong way to see the evil G haha on an opensource gnu/linux os 😂

@geotechland It would be nice to figure out how to multi boot UBports.
On Nexus 5 I have an awesome combination in mind: /e/ as primary ROM (which is android without google), second UBports and third Sailfish. Maybe also PostmarketOS. It just did not work for me with MultiROM, because /e/ kernel does not have kexec-hardboot. And efidroid I did not test yet. But: If I compile an /e/ kernel with kexec, it might work.

@erlequin @geotechland
Even if you were able to set up multiboot, would the Nexus 5 even have enough storage for that? Android takes a large amount of space, and as far as I know the N5 only came in 16 and 32 GB configurations, with no external storage.

@geotechland 32 GB should be enough at least for 3 systems I guess. The problem is that without android there are always apps I want to have but cannot use on other systems.
@geotechland Yeah, that would be actually very useful as long as native apps are in development. I read about a good way to multiboot: backup to pc, flash new system, backup to pc, flash new system, backup to pc - copy back the backup you want to use and restore.
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