Using gnu Linux since installing Slackware from floppies. Currently using Arch, i3, emacs, LibreOffice and Postgresql. Some data extraction and processing with Python in my previous life. Looking forward to fosstodon!

@georgedial welcome! Looks like you will fit right in here! 😊

@georgedial :blob-wave: welcome! I’m an #i3 fan myself, although I prefer #vim over emacs. Good news is there’s room for everybody here!

I've actually been working through the vim tutor and started testing evil-mode. I rely on ledger-mode and org-mode so jumping straight to vim could be tough. I'm relatively new to i3 but really like it. Just a couple issues I need to work through.

@georgedial right on! My biggest problem with #i3 is when I have to use a Mac for work and everything seems SO SLOW AND CUMBERSOME in comparison. Like “wait, I have to move this window _with my mouse!?_” :blob-worry:

@georgedial Welcome aboard. I share a similar background. Started Linux installin from Slackware floppies. Have also settled into Arch, i3 and emacs. I'm sure you'll find something to pique your interest, here.

@georgedial Welcome. This instance seems to be attracting people from a similar background. Perhaps we should explain to the youngsters what a floppy disk was.🙂

@neildarlow @beto

We could try to explain what a floppy was to the youngsters but I'm not sure they could wrap their heads around a storage media that couldn't hold a single image from a current DSLR. ;-)
Interesting point - I was recently handed 4 floppies from 2000 with image files on them to try and recover. Bought an eSYNiC USB floppy drive, plugged it in and recovered all the images. No issues.

@georgedial welcome! Linux here since slackware too. And also i3 & Emacs.

@georgedial welcome!

I download Slackware over a dial-up connection back in 1998 to a dozen floppies. I had no X, because my video card wasn't supported, but it was fun. 😆

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