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I think people know on a very superficial level that they're trading privacy for product, but I don't think they realize the extent of what they're trading. The predictive power. I think that's a major problem.

"Most Americans don't realize what companies can predict from their data"

Today I could use a FOSSB - free, open source, snow blower. First significant snowfall of the season.

I was unable to refresh my package database after an update on Arch which included an updated pacman and mirrorlist. The solution was to create a new mirrorlist from the web page ( and replace the one provided in the update. Hope this helps some of the other arch users here.

Using gnu Linux since installing Slackware from floppies. Currently using Arch, i3, emacs, LibreOffice and Postgresql. Some data extraction and processing with Python in my previous life. Looking forward to fosstodon!


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