Bit of a question:

As a bit of a quarantine project I'm working my way through the book "Writing an interpreter in go" but I'm writing it in rust. (Stops me copy-pasteing / skimming)

His AST data structure is based on interfaces that have standard properties and methods. I decided to use structs for this, but structs can only have methods.

Whats the best way to deal with this in rust? Is there a way to define standard properties in a type? Or should I use a mix of enums and traits?

@george_ why not simply adding a method `fn token(&self) -> &Token;` to your trait?


Yeah, is this the more standard rust way to do things? and I'd have to impl it every time?

Just seems a bit verbose to do

struct LetStatement {
token: Token

impl Statement for LetStatement {
fn token(&self) => {

But I guess it works

@george_ yeah, I guess that's the standard way... not sure though.

The trait members feature is not yet there I guess...



Ah, found the RFC:

Looks like nothing has happened on it since 2017.

I'll go for your suggestion and see how I do.

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