I'm looking for a fairly rugged, dependable laptop running under with decent hardware support.

My instinct is to go with a ThinkPad. Anyone think I'm wrong about that?

If not, which ThinkPad?


@codesections I have a T580, and I'm pretty happy with it. Not sure if I'd buy it again though tbh.

I really like the keyboard and having a numpad. The trackpad is acceptable, and I like the physical buttons, but if you have even slightly wet hands, it stops working for an hour, and I have to disable it and use the nubbin. Battery lasts a good few hours (and can be swapped). My main issue with it is that it's quite large, and probably more powerful than I need.

@george_ @codesections

I’ve got a refurb T420 running Kali. Amazon has them cheap. My only complaint is I wish the screen was brighter but most people don’t like as bright as I do. My usage has been pretty light but it works fine. Typically it’s running a few terminal sessions, Signal, and I keep my browser tabs pruned.

The keyboard is the best laptop keyboard I’ve ever touched. It’s freaking amazing. The builtin wifi interface is aircrack-friendly which is a boon.

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