Does anyone have any audiobook recommendations? Good reader is as important as good book. (I've got a ~15 hour flight tomorrow)

@emsenn I didn't get very far with the TV series, but I'll give it a go.

@george_ The book is entirely different and in my opinion significantly better to the point of not really being comparable.

@george_ Maybe the BBC radio version of the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?

@Matter I've tried to read it so many times.. I just can't get in to it.

@george_ I really liked the voice acting, but it's very possible it's just not your kind of humor. Maybe listen to the first couple of minutes to see if you like it?

@george_ Jim Dale reading the Harry Potter series is always good. You could also pick up the Obi Wan or the Kanan Jarrus books. Both were fantastic.

@ndegruchy I listened to the Steven Fry version last year, I hadn't read past the first one as a child as I didn't like it, but I actually enjoyed it. They got better as they went on.

Which Obi Wan book(s)? Goodreads lists 51.. I enjoyed the Darth Bane books.

@stevepurkiss I can't tell if this is a serious recommendation, don't think I could listen to Arnie speak for 23 hours.. Is it actually good?

@george_ yeah I thought that too but it’s a pretty amazing story. He only reads the first chapter, and I thought the first half was more interesting as I’m not really into US life/politics issues, was more impressed with the journey he took to get there, the sheer determination and self belief. Definitely glad I listened to it but did so over a few weeks of country walks whilst recovering from B12 deficiency not all in one flight so YMMV!

@george_ ...I have a better one - Homo Deus by Yuval Novak Harari, or any of his works, they’re superb and a bit more interesting than an autobiography, although it’s more an autobiography of life past present and future.

@stevepurkiss Oh, good idea, that's actually on my to read list. I enjoyed sapiens a lot.

@stevepurkiss Oh, it's an autobiography! I thought it was the novel of the movie. Sounds like it would be interesting.

@george_ I am enjoying The Dresden Files series (author Jim Butcher). Noir-style reader, fun escapist story, continuity for dozens of hours of audio.

@bignose Reading a synopsis, I would never have picked it myself, but that's probably a good reason to try it. I'll give the first book a go.

@george_ skip (for now) the short-story prequel, it's a rough early work. Start with book 1, Storm Front.

@george_ William Shakespeare's Star Wars. At first it seems like a bit of a joke, but after a few scenes you realize how well it has been done. I also just finished listening to Seveneves, which was quite good and better than I had expected. I mention both of these specifically for the quality of narration.

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