If I wanted to start developing something for s, where should I start?
Raspberry pi with a touchscreen?
I'm wanting to get a when they come out, and want to start learning how to write software for it now.

I'm really enjoying this video series about building a Gameboy emulator in browser using / .


Any good foss Pocket alternatives?

A nice reader mode
Offline saving of articles
Android App

Not so fussed about:
Sync between devices
Article discovery

Looks like it's from Space Runaway Ideon (伝説巨神イデオン). I'll see if I can find it somewhere and watch it.

Found this awesome Japanese 1/610 scale mecha kit at a flea market today.

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A final proposal for await syntax, boats.gitlab.io/blog/post/awai.

Rust is going to take a decision about the last step of the async/await feature: The syntax.

If you care about it, please read this post, carefully.

Does anyone have any audiobook recommendations? Good reader is as important as good book. (I've got a ~15 hour flight tomorrow)

Power supply hasn't arrived so it doesn't do anything. But it looks pretty cool.

Thought my USB -> SATA -> 1to5 SATA splitter -> SSDs powered over usb was going to work for a second. It all lights up, but unfortunately only one disk shows up at a time.

Looks like I've finally got the feeds and speeds right on the CNC machine.

Does anyone have experience using pan.baidu.com? I can't seem to get anything but the homepage to load, and even that loads at a trickle. Is it available outside of China?

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What's the SIMPLEST Rust template engine?

I've got a command-line tool I built that spits out a single, simple HTML page each time I run it, so nothing fancy. Currently doing it line-by-line like this:

writeln!(output, "<style>body {{ font-family: Helvetica, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; }}</style>")
.expect("Error writing CSS to html file");

Some engines listed here: arewewebyet.org/topics/templat
another option: yarte.netlify.com/getting_star

Building a NAS / Kubernetes cluster, request for advice 

Building a NAS / Kubernetes cluster, request for advice 

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