I'm growing some beans, and decided I ought to stake them yesterday, as it was pretty windy, and they were flapping about.

Looked a bit scruffy, so I printed some angles to hold them in triangles, based on wherever I had stuck them in. Think it looks quite cool with each a different triangle.

It's fun to think of something and finish it in a single afternoon.

I've been wanting to design a keyboard for a while, and finally made a start today.

It's strongly inspired by Daktyl and Daktyl Manuform, and will probably end up looking fairly similar to them.

I've based the angles off of measurements from my hands, and the test prints feel pretty good. Looking forward to printing a larger test tomorrow.

Phew, all still works after assembly.
It's all super-glued and siliconed, so would have been pretty disastrous if it didn't.

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I never finished the automation part, but with spring arriving, and plants coming back to life, I thought I'd pick it back up.

I've started work on the water level sensor to get the reservoir barrel installed.

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Bridging really doesn't seem like it should work as well as it does.

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Anyone interested in an NSynth Super?

I might be building one for a family member, and it would make sense to buy components for couple more to get up to MOQ on the PCB etc. EU shipping only.

I could probably provide them fully-assembled but also as some kinds of kits if anyone wants that. Let me know in DM or reply, RTs appreciated too! :)

#synth #hardware #synthesizer

I'm quite pleased with how this one came out. I wanted it to look like a group of creatures, and I think it looks like a crowd of people if you squint.

Written in with the crate.

Source is here:


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This is my second time doing generative art, I don't love the outcome, but I had fun.

Written in using the crate.

You can find the source here:


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This tiny vice perfectly rides the line of cheap piece of crap, and really useful.

The same day I planted these, I had a salad with sprouting chickpeas in it. Decided to plant one also, but didn't think it would survive the dressing. Doesn't seem to have harmed it through, as it's growing really well.

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Seed update:

Rocket is really starting to grow, will have to put them in soil soon.

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Seeds update; they've both started spouting and already have leaves! The Rocket seeds seem to clump together, hopefully they'll separate as they grow.

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