This tiny vice perfectly rides the line of cheap piece of crap, and really useful.

The same day I planted these, I had a salad with sprouting chickpeas in it. Decided to plant one also, but didn't think it would survive the dressing. Doesn't seem to have harmed it through, as it's growing really well.

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Seed update:

Rocket is really starting to grow, will have to put them in soil soon.

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Seeds update; they've both started spouting and already have leaves! The Rocket seeds seem to clump together, hopefully they'll separate as they grow.

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My other seeds seem to be non-starters. I think they got too hot, as I had them in a greenhouse made from a storage crate, and it was unusually hot weather.

Thought I would try sprouting the remaining broccoli and rocket seeds in the same way as the lentils, see how it goes.

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Before I ate them, I transferred a few to some seeding pots, and they're growing really well.

Not sure what a lentil plant looks like or if they will survive the Dutch climate, but will be fun to find out.

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About a month ago, I watched Atomic Shrimp's video on "bio snacky", that's basically a jar with mesh on it for sprouting beans (Video here: ) and decided to try myself.

I didn't have any mung beans so I used lentils. It went really well, and pretty much all sprouted. Ate them in a salad, just tasted like bean sprouts.

Last day of my current job today, just got to do the exit interview and I'm done. I don't start my new job until the 1st, so I'm looking forward to my social distancing holiday. Plenty of DIY and personal projects to be getting on with.

Picked up a bunch of planks from someone renovating their house, so I'll spend most of the morning pulling nails and cleaning them up a bit.

Can someone who knows electronics take a look at the attached diagram, and validate it as a working idea?

I want to be able to count the number of closed switched by reading the analog in.

("Pins" are an arduino.)

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Sweet potato progressing nicely. The other half is a slacker but does have a few little spots that look like they might grow.

Bit of a question:

As a bit of a quarantine project I'm working my way through the book "Writing an interpreter in go" but I'm writing it in rust. (Stops me copy-pasteing / skimming)

His AST data structure is based on interfaces that have standard properties and methods. I decided to use structs for this, but structs can only have methods.

Whats the best way to deal with this in rust? Is there a way to define standard properties in a type? Or should I use a mix of enums and traits?

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Question for the hardware folks around here: what's the correct term for these kinds of rigid-but-bent PCBs? Any good link/reference about those?

How do you manufacture them?
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How to stop me trying your new programming language. 

> If you haven't already, please join the channel on Slack. Once you're logged in, this Slack post gives the (very brief and simple) install instructions.

Had a problem with the resin getting stuck and curing between the supports. Nothing that can't be fixed with sanding.
I'll space them a bit more next time to allow it to flow out.

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