Sometimes the instructions are really unclear / open to interpretation, but you need to follow the precise behavior to get the right output.

All my tests passed on this one, but my input failed, and it took me ages to figure out why. Even when I figured it out, and read all previous days instructions, I couldn't really see why it should be that way..

Oh well.

I also spent a while moving my intcode computer into a library:

day 07

Wasted a lot of time trying to shoe-horn a solution into my previous looping api. Managed to get part 1 to work with it, but things went a lot smoother after I abandoned it for part 2.

Day 05

Playing catch up today, as I was tired or busy the last couple of evenings.

My over-complication of day 2 spilled over into this one:

.on(Event::ChangeValue, |c| {
if let Some(v) = c.value {
println!("Output: {}", v)
.loop_for(vec![1, 5])

Day 4 of #AdventOfCode (spoilers) 

day 3

Not much to say about this one, except I over engineered it again. Think I'll try and pair it back tomorrow.

My day 2 is rather over-engineered, and I just brute-forced part 2.

I'd love a critique from anyone who actually knows .

Looking forward to looking at other peoples solutions / seeing what the non-brute-forced solution is.

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Anyone here into automating food production? I just finished up a practical 3D printed prototype of a mediumless microgreen grow bed. It’s all open source and up at and I could use help. I am getting ready to scale things up.

A handy usage of this

Go to video site -> ctrl+l -> mod+shift+l -> mod+shift+space

Quick pip!

I added a couple new commands to my config today, that allows me to launch a copied or selected url as a chromium app:

bindsym $mod+l exec --no-startup-id chromium --app="$(wl-paste)"

bindsym $mod+Shift+l exec --no-startup-id chromium --app="$(wl-paste -p)"

I hadn't really thought about using the clipboard / selection in commands before. Wonder what else it could be used for. Maybe note taking.

Okay, beefed up a few measurements and added more supports. Hopefully this one will go better.

Well that print failed entirely. Might as well test out my new curing lamp. Back to the CAD.

My plan is to print some end-stops to slide in and hold the rails in place. The walls will only have a width of .5mm that my printer should be able to handle, but I'm not sure if they will be strong enough.

If not, I'll create a chunkier version, and drill out wider holes for them to fit in to.

The first thing to tackle is the poor build tolerances.

The holes for the rails are 11mm in diameter, while the rails are 10mm. Even with the compression screws all the way in, they provide no grip and the rails slide out.

Currently this is solved using sellotape..

It works surprisingly well, but doesn't solve the vertical play, causing the bed to twist with pressure is applied.

My cheapo ali-express cnc machine is unusably crap for a lot of the things I want to do with it.

Its four main issues are:

- Poor build tolerances
- Under powered router motor
- No end switches
- Small usable area

Buying a decent one is really expensive, so I'm going to try to improve it and get it working a bit better, within a budget of around €150. ~€100 of that will go on a palm router, that I can use just as a tool if this fails miserably, leaving me around €50 to work with.

So I decided to do the warranty, and they replaced the entire motherboard. Good job I didn't just decide to buy a new harddrive.

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