Does anyone have experience using I can't seem to get anything but the homepage to load, and even that loads at a trickle. Is it available outside of China?

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What's the SIMPLEST Rust template engine?

I've got a command-line tool I built that spits out a single, simple HTML page each time I run it, so nothing fancy. Currently doing it line-by-line like this:

writeln!(output, "<style>body {{ font-family: Helvetica, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; }}</style>")
.expect("Error writing CSS to html file");

Some engines listed here:
another option:

Building a NAS / Kubernetes cluster, request for advice Show more

Building a NAS / Kubernetes cluster, request for advice Show more

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lifehack: whenever public wifi asks you for your email, instead of giving it to them, do this ONE NEAT TRICK

look at the name of the company trying to collect it (it will never be the restaurant or cafe, always some soulless data brokering tech firm) and type in "sales" or "hello"

give them a taste of their own medicine!!

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Managed to get today's part 1 down from my initial ~3.39 seconds to ~0.07 seconds.

Not to say that my second solution was good, more just how bad my initial one was.

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Anyone have a recommendation for a typing program?

That's the end of the soldering portion. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it. Work has been very meetingy recently, and sitting alone in the house, listening to podcasts while soldering something repetitive has been a really nice break.

Finally flashed the firmware. Forgot to relog after adding myself to the uucp group so wasn't seeing any changes under /dev.

Not the most perfect of solder jobs I've done, but by no stretch the worst.

Picked up my keyboard kit from the postoffice today. Pretty excited to start soldering / re-learning to type. Cheers @technomancy

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