I'm just starting to get a handle on the comings and goings in the fedverse so be patient with me but you seem to post interesting content. I love word games so this will be fun.

I guess I'd better stop at 48. Whew, thanks!

@wion @ignitionigel
I hear ya, and I knew what you meant. I can recognize a pipe dream when I see one ...

@wion @ignitionigel
Gotta be balanced...
but I haven't found anything with better security than Threema.

Just sayin'...

@ignitionigel @wion
I agree because the majority of people see no real value in privacy. It's not even worth a cup of coffee. I try to avoid those folks ...

@ignitionigel @wion
I've had it for awhile. It's fantastic. A one time purchase eliminates the need to monitize your personal data. They don't retain any data to monitize anyway, plus you can create an account and be completely anonymous. I highly recommend it (not that anybody cares what I think).

@maiki@mastodon.sdf.org @infosechandbook@mastodon.at Daniel Gultsch hasn't said what the problem is, only that more information would be revealed after the majority had upgraded. I'd be very curious about why that's a requirement before providing full details.

@RussSharek I'm just sayin' it takes a little something on the ball to 'get' the fedverse and a little more to be brave enough to break away from the herd; to dare to be different.

@RussSharek : it speaks to the elevated IQ of the average user here.

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