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Microsoft apparently still doesn't quite understand the concept of case-sensitivity in filenames & URLs and just changed to, in turn breaking a ton of canonical URLs and references.

It's incredible how shortsighted and oblivious a company of that size can be, really 🙄

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“Google’s Sundar Pichai: Privacy Should Not Be a Luxury Good … Yes, we use data to make products more helpful for everyone. But we also protect your information.” – NYTimes “The Privacy Project”

1. Fuck you, Sundar
2. Fuck you, NYTimes, and fuck your “privacy project”, you whitewashing muppets

#SurveillanceCapitalism #WhiteWashing #BigData #BigTech #Google #NYTimes

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@vala everyday

> be me
> be having a bad day
> go on computer
> computer has a comfy setup that makes me feel nice
> thanks computer
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1.8 million years ago, society was invented. this is now widely considered to have been a bad move.


You don't owe anyone anything just because they're related. You are not obligated to interact with people who are toxic to your well-being.

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#BOFH excuse #440:

Cache miss - please take better aim next time

If Trekkies are people that are fans of Star Trek, and Whovians are people that are fans of Dr. Who, then the logical deduction is that people that are fans of are in fact the people known colloquially as "gamers". In this essay I will... *gets punched in the back of the head*

Sat in the garage for the first part of tonights t-storm. Super comfy.

I shampooed my beard with the wife's shampoo and I smell fucking fabulous.

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Normal automatic doors on a storefront but if you try to go in through the 'out' door it just fucking explodes.

I'm staunchly against the death penalty because I don't believe the state has the right to take a citizen's life.

I believe very strongly in this right up until someone parks outside my house with loud subwoofers in their car.

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the drink we call "tea" is made by steeping plant matter into hot water; usually, but not always, using the leaves of camellia sinensis. it is often sweetened. when fermented, this drink is called kombucha.

beer is a beverage made by steeping plant matter, from humulus lupulus, in hot water, sweetened with a grain malt, and then allowing that beverage to ferment.

comparing these two processes, one can make the argument that beer is a form of kombucha, and therefore is a type of tea.

in this essay, i will

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Anyone have a suggestion for a workhorse of a 3D printer for school usage? Please reToot or comment on Twitter

Also, being generally obsessed with PoE since I got a PoE switch, I bought a raspi PoE splitter so I have one less wall wart on a power bar.

I didn't even know such a thing existed. I was looking at other SBCs that were directly PoE capable when a friend said "Dude just get a spliter with micro USB". Sometimes you miss the trees while looking at the forest.

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so tl;dr the raspi was super easy and straight forward, with raspian shipping on a ready-to-go image, but standard debian installs on serial are a rocky road. I had to find tips from an article dated 2006 to figure out what I was doing wrong in syslinux, since I'm gravely unfamiliar with it.

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Debian required me to fiddle with syslinux AND grub, in the installer and installed system respectively, to get a functional system on a serial console. Why?!

At least I now have two functional pihole hosts, but that was far harder than it had to be. A few extra options enabled in the installer and grub would have saved me hours of research and trial & error.

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Recent project: setting up on dedicated hardware.

I wasn't happy with the complications that arose from running pihole in on my home server, so I wanted dedicated appliances. I decided to use a and a PC Engines APU that was my former home router.

is straight-up HARD to install on something without a graphics card. CentOS makes this easy, but...

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