I just transferred my domain to and I feel obligated to say that I am very satisfied. I was using and my domain, nixnet.xyz, was $8.50/yr.

I transferred for $11.50 and it'll renew at $13.50/yr but I ALSO have two mailboxes, unlimited aliases, spam detection/filtering, webui with , calendar/tasks (), and contacts ().

The best part is it's all syncable with , , and . extra mailboxes are only $0.40/mo too!


@amolith how are they in terms of privacy laws? Is all their email storage in France?

I moved my mail to mailfence since they're hosted in Belgium, which has very strong data privacy laws.

@gentoorebel To be honest, I don't know about any of that. I didn't even think about it when registering. I did look at the new WHOIS and, even though there's no explicit protection, the only private data displayed is the state I'm in.

Gandi was also recommended in a Telegram group I'm in, Privacy Today. If you're on Telegram and interested, I'd be happy to invite you! 🙂

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