GNU+Linux sysadmin of many years. Dedicated Gentoo user. Ask me about my USE flags!

Daily IRC user for ~15 years.

Amateur keto chef.

Born and raised in the city, but a country boy at heart.

Dog-dad to two rescued mutts who changed my life.

Technological redneck, in the sense of "why yes I rewrote that in bash, why?"

I never did very well with rules.

Live free (as in software) or die.


Welcome to ! I may very well take you up on the offer of asking you about your use flags—I've been pretty happy with for a while now, but I'm seriously considering switching to gentoo next time I distro hop. (Maybe , but probably ).

@codesections @gentoorebel I really like the sound of , and the tinkerer in me is very intrigued by , but I'm just so spoiled with the package availability in ...

@kungtotte @codesections if you're big into the AUR, check out Portage Overlays, which is the Gentoo equivalent.

You can search the overlays here to see if something is readily available.


Also, on the subject of "why yes I rewrote that in bash, why?", you might be interested in one of my side projects: , a full passphrase generator based off similar principles to diceware or other word-list based passphrase generators. It's pure bash and plays well with standard input/output.

@codesections will definitely check it out. I've been (happily) using pwgen for some time, but mostly just for pure entropy and randomness.

@gentoorebel Welcome! Don't run into a lot of IRC people these days anymore!

@gentoorebel hey there. gentoo user since i dunno, on funtoo since 2011. lchf, cooking stuff sometimes. welcome to mastodon 👋

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