@gentoo I've seen some comments from people not knowing how to follow an account, because they forget to add the instance domain (@fosstodon.org in your case)

@alanhernesto @gentoo because this is sent by fosstodon.org instance @gentoo get abbreviated. look the twitter account for see the full name

@gentoo Try Pleroma! It's easier to compile :)

@gentoo It would be nice to see some kind of verification that proves that this is an official account. :)

@gentoo So where is it written that this is the official #gentoo account?

@gentoo Nice. I assume the content is aggregated from planet gentoo. Have you also considered aggregating larrythecow.com/ ?


Welcome to the fediverse! I've been toying with switching from to either or , and having the Gentoo account on my home instance may well be what pushes me into your camp :D

@selea @gentoo The #Fediverse is getting awesome! Happy to see Gentoo here! I hope the rest of the major #Linux distros are going to join soon.

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