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i think it is all there. but it would be better if we ask @gentoo for some help.

I've created two more for @gentoo:

One is @LinuxBootOrg's , a toolset, the other a proxy for servers in @googlecloud. 🎉✨

That was rough and tough. 👩🏻‍💻 Time to relax! 🧘‍♀

After 12 years of using and 5 years being a by profession, I finally built my first @gentoo system. I am feeling like a child, playing with a new toy %) it's extremely exciting :D

@DistroWatch reviews @SolusProject 4.0, reports on @gentoo getting updated GNOME port working without systemd, shares pros and cons to running a live distro for security:

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Still have debug symbols in #2019 and makes it possible to actually contribute to free software

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