Hi fosstodon! Newish here, looking for some good oss projects that might be looking for contributors, to continue improving my dev skills. Coding practice feels like running on a treadmill and work is work (love my job, but variety is nice 😁)

Any suggestions?

@geezyx no suggestions personally (I'm more involved in than ) but I'll boost in case anyone else does.

(Welcome to , by the way!)

@geezyx you can look at @telephant, it's a mastodon client by @fribbledom in go. Also, if I am not mistaking, @cj makes some ActivityPub related library in golang.

@alexcleac Thanks, you're right. Go-fed v1 still needs several hundred more tests... lol. Plus I need to push the current work in progress called apcore which is a generalized and extensible #ActivityPub server framework for #golang.

@geezyx @telephant @fribbledom

@cj @alexcleac

Whoaaa ok, TIL about and mastodon just got way more interesting.... I also need practice writing tests so I may jump in and help out! Thank you both for the inspiration.

@telephant @fribbledom

@geezyx oh and I’ve forgot a thing: Helm, Kubernetes and docker 😂

@alexcleac good call! For the amount of time I spend with kubernetes, I should contribute.

@jaywink thank you, looks like an awesome project and I’m a fan of the architecture that is laid out in the design doc. I’ll look into this more!

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