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Hm... I think that my notes for today's post will not transform them selves in time for a post today. Will make it up tomorrow

Checked stats out of curiosity for last blog post...

Apparently hit hackernews. 🙈 if I would have known I would have spent more time editing. I don’t have historical stats.. but I’m pretty sure this is a record

Using self hosted Fatham if any are wondering.

Day 04 of my journey. Today is longer post about some research I've done into vs .

TL;DR - I'm now using light mode everywhere.

Wrote last 3 posts from phone and or tablet. Something about it is easier to focus then having full computer. Likely something about knowing all of those tabs exist with stuff I need to do.

Last two I've wrote in Dropbox paper and then moved to web interface to export to raw markdown and then commit to blog.

Kind of a weird flow... Anyone else write from mobile and use static site? How do you type and then transfer over?

Attempting to hack in the real world. Or some times known in some parts as red neck engineering

An interview with Elon by hack club. A group of mostly teens.

A bit awkward at beginning, and a bit rushed at times but a few interesting questions.

I do already find my self jotting down some ideas for another few posts. So who knows how this might go. 😊

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Running a Rocket.Chat... it ain't rocket science. It's easy peasy. Everyone can do it. #OER4Covid

Group DM and first unified Enterprise release now any version can easily try out enterprise and lots of other cool things :)
RT @RocketChat
🚀 3.1.0 has just arrived, full of exciting features.

👇🏾 Have a quick overview of our latest release here:

Interesting note taking application -

Seems to allow for more natural linking of thought. Kind of afraid to really use it though.. because then all of my notes will become stuck in this SaaS. Doesn't seem like they have any intention of open source in their future either

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