Show more looks like u2f is coming to ssh awesome! Maybe can use this instead of having to worry about getting yubikey's with gpg card support

As always fair, insightful, accurate and without necessary hype. Jan, Dalton and Marius from @UBports discuss the on their Q/A. If you have time, watch in entirety, if not click video below:


Thank you to At my request, Monday’s Starliner pad abort test will be broadcast live. Transparency for the taxpayer.



Happy to announce that in the States we've taken's XPS 13 developer edition portfolio from 2 to 18 configs! These systems are available w/Intel's i7 hexacore processors or i5s. You can even go big and opt for either a 1or 2TB SSD


Adding insult to injury apparently every call after returned the TOO_MANY_REQUESTS and kept counting 🙈

So.. needless to say what was going to be a 1 shot migration now has logic to stop when hitting limit then we wait for moar apis to start up again.

Oh no! I'm all out of apis! 😂

Doing an import into an unnamed platform using their rest api. We didn't realize regular web usage counted towards this count and used too many apis. And now I can't stop talking about apis like this. Need moar apis!

I love how many new players there are in the rocket and space front. When I was a kid I started thinking the Apollo missions were **the big** deal that I was born too late to experience. But with all of this activity I feel like I might actually get to see a launch in person one day. Even share the experience with my children. So cool!

Self contained cheap completed 😀 Now have amd64/nvidia, arm, and arm64 machines set up with a single plug for easy relocation whenever the office has to revert to a guest room!

I know this is likely video effects of some sort.. but this is slightly terrifying with a touch of humor. If robots turn on humans.. this seems like legit way for it to start.



So this evening had an odd craving to work on an irc style client for Below is the result of basic channel list/selection with real time sending and receiving messages.

Wrote in a few others on the team mentioned doing one in

ProtonMail Version 4.0 is now in open beta! The new version totally redesigned, laying the foundation for the future of ProtonMail. Log in to your account at to try it now.


If you are using our snap install to power your workspace you might be interested in enabling auto backups before the upcoming auto update to 2.0. More info can be found here -


Every once in a while YouTube recommends something interesting and unexpected:

(Only found a handful of his guests interesting so never subscribed)

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