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I know this is likely video effects of some sort.. but this is slightly terrifying with a touch of humor. If robots turn on humans.. this seems like legit way for it to start.



So this evening had an odd craving to work on an irc style client for Below is the result of basic channel list/selection with real time sending and receiving messages.

Wrote in a few others on the team mentioned doing one in

ProtonMail Version 4.0 is now in open beta! The new version totally redesigned, laying the foundation for the future of ProtonMail. Log in to your account at to try it now.


If you are using our snap install to power your workspace you might be interested in enabling auto backups before the upcoming auto update to 2.0. More info can be found here -


Every once in a while YouTube recommends something interesting and unexpected:

(Only found a handful of his guests interesting so never subscribed)

Mastodon ux gripe 

"This talk explores the computing systems of Voyager
- the systems which enable remote control of the spacecraft, and provide for the recording and return of data to Earth. These systems have proved to be both adaptable, durable, and resilient in support of a scientific undertaking now in it's fifth decade."

"Uptime 15,364 days - The Computers of Voyager" by Aaron Cummings

#nasa #voyager #computers #hardware #space #science

Continuing with the NASA technology exploration stumbled back across their software list: surprised again at how much is open source

Visited NASA JSC today and got to see the training mission control room. So of course took lots of pictures! All stations had this little box next to their console. Anyone know what it is or what it’s function is? My guess is some sort of identity/security related thing. But want to read more. :)

Tip to sales people out there: include some info / links in cold contact emails. Just asking for a call is not productive. If not interested can save both of us time.

Meetings should only be scheduled with clear agenda and only when necessary.

Maybe I’m the only one? 🙈

Wow... kind of hard to believe


Today it was announced that Yahoo! Groups is shutting down, and taking with it a piece of critical national infrastructure: the Oftel Yahoo Group which is used for managing UK phone number assignments.

Yes, really: See Ofcom's website



"Request smuggling between Amazon ALBs and net/http"

Nice writeup on the security issue that prompted the 1.13.1/1.12.10 releases.



If you missed out our October's AMA, don't worry! 🚀

We have the recording on YouTube so you can watch anytime you'd like:

If you still have unanswered questions send us a message in our channel and we’ll be sure to respond! 💬


#RocketChat has finally been updated to version 3.5.1 on #FDroid. unfortunately this means you'll have to reinstall the app, if you have used an older version:

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