@Gina exactly :( it’s a trade off. Depending on users the trade off might be worth it. I hope Jitsi being acquired by 8x8 a video focused company now instead of by atlassian that just wanted to the hands/experience to help them integrate in their product... means we the consumers will benefit. I think we will just going to take some time :)

@Gina I mean it’s basically an iframe so thankfully little moving parts 😁. We’ve had a few installs start using big blue button and I think it’s the difference between jitsi’s adaptive simulcast and actual video processing in big blue button.

I love jitsi’s concept of browsers sending a few streams up and a server getting to be dumb and just pipe the right resolution streams to users.. But I think users, browsers, nats and bandwidth are a lot of battles for a piece of software to face.

@kev if I blogged more frequently and ever from mobile this might become a real scenario for me too. Git from mobile shell or otherwise is totally doable but phone always feels super small to me when I start working with a shell and definitely more cumbersome

@pcrock yeah it was simple enough I couldn’t find any more reason not to finally finish the degoogling of my email. I did opt not to let it manage dns for me. But still was super easy

@craigmaloney @Gina I think they actually have a couple of presentations with details about how they have Jitsi stood up. A couple of years ago I met with Emil when they were still with atlassian. I believe the biggest secret is actually sharding. In the LB they use the room as the hash so all traffic for that room ends up on the same instance. This way they can scale up capacity behind the scenes and support more and more conferences

@Gina I don’t know if still using rocket.chat but we actually have big blue button integration also. Effort undergoing by our design team to build an even deeper integration. Call recording, etc

@gabek this is awesome! My daughter has been obsessing with me watching NASA videos during last few weeks. Will have to check this out

Did you know that NASA has an internet radio station called Third Rock Radio? It's mostly rock/pop mixed in with educational space content.


@karl how do you like mini flux and wallabag? Did you transition from any services to those?

@cadadr @eylul oooooh! This is interesting. I’ve seen some of these hosted offerings and not open source that will do this. First time seeing this one. I like the idea here

@kev we’ve used a static generated site for a bit over a year at work. Now we have a marketing team and we are suddenly realizing how much easier something like Wordpress is to hand off to a marketing team to do things themselves.

Easy of use is definitely has to weigh in sometimes

@pcrock even more friendly mailinabox.email 😁. I have this running. I’ve read so many of these articles and all seem super cool and almost all slightly different 🙈.

This was one of the most awesome summits we’ve had yet! We’ve got an awesome group of people together. This is just like a teaser compared to the real thing 😎
RT @RocketChat
🔙 Only 3 months passed since took place but we can’t get enough of it! Check out our special video celebrating the moments we spent together.

New blog post:

For my reading habits in the recent years I've been using p2k.co service to send Pocket articles to my Kindle. I decided to fix some of p2k shortcomings replacing it with an event-driven serverless application built with AWS Lambda, Fargate and CDK


@alex interesting use case to consume. Small factual thing. Pocket actually rebranded sometime before the Mozilla acquisition.

@shellkr @mike I’d argue it’s still better then installing on your machine. The isolation definitely works. It does add some weird bloat with the loop back devices as it mounts the squashfs bundle of the app.

I built our rocketchat-server snap and it sees a surprising amount of installs on non-ubuntu installs. Of course Ubuntu will probably always be biggest since comes out of the box enabled and I think even their AppStore shows snaps with the other apps for those who install from UI

@Gina we actually had a new benefit put in place a few months before this all started. We get a certain amount per month up to fixed amount for our home office.

Strongly think all companies should do for their remotes. Especially considering they are saving money elsewhere by not having to provide a working space.

Of course might be harder to swing if everyone suddenly was remote

@mike I hope they don’t create individual snaps that need installed as that will only simplify a little the install

@shellkr @mike that’s not really true. They’ve actually added snap support for pretty much every distro. Just ships out of the box on only a few.

Also from what I’ve seen flatpak doesn’t have good support for cli type utils.

Snap can spin up and manage a daemon, out of the box cli aliases etc. flatpak might have this now? But I think their focus is mostly just GUI applications

@jwildeboer very cool! My wife has been making a few for some people doing essential roles. They found some house air filters rated to filter out bacteria, viruses etc out of the air. Have to disassemble and flatten it out... but can make 30 some filters for masks. I don’t see many people talking about the filter pockets and what they use. So that’s why I was curious 😁

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