@danrabbit I'm usually amazed when those same people are getting something for nothing but still act this way. Such is the life in open source..

@cassidyjames are you using the picture and picture from Firefox? I haven’t tried it yet on Linux but on OSX can’t resize and is maddening 😁

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Sometimes Google goes two or three months without launching a new messaging app and I get worried. So this news comes as a great relief twitter.com/verge/status/12019

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"I had, based on zero evidence, convinced myself that finding things on the internet was hard and, inevitably, involved a fair amount of tracking. After two years of not being tracked and targeted, I have slowly come to realize that this is nonsense.", wired.com/story/i-ditched-goog

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@citizenkahn I seem to always have a conversation that also goes something like:

Them: “So you are in IT right?”
Me: “Well actually I’m more of a software developer”
Them: confused expression
Me: “Yup basically IT”

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My heart goes out to all family IT support this season ❤️🦃

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@wizzwizz4 you can open dev tools in any electron app as well :)

@JPEG Looks like this update happened to the mast legacy version instead of new mast? Which TestFlight should we follow? Both visually look the same.

@wizzwizz4 Wow brackets I haven’t seen that in years! Is it actually chromium? I thought like viscose it was using some sort of chromium node thing very similar to electron

Have a history working with communities and looking for a new opportunity? Rocket.Chat is looking for someone to lead our community evangelist/advocate. rocket.zohorecruit.com/recruit

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Rocket. Chat goes Privacy Tech! 🔐We are listed in IAPP´s 2019 Tech Vendor Report.

Get your free copy here zcu.io/yzOS

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I really hope this session was recorded. Cause now I really want to know... why???

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The DoD put kubernetes & @IstioMesh@twitter.com on an f-16! 😱

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@alexandru_balan Sure.. I think a lot of the libraries used some how are just kind of consumed with no real thought behind how they came to be.

But either way from optimist point of view.. one could easily argue they are just pushing the tools they know. I used to work at all Microsoft shop. They used to push only Microsoft in all solutions. But after a bit of introduction into open source proper (beyond consume).. They then would recommend some open source in the solutions they proposed.

@alexandru_balan Or taking the optimist viewpoint. They are just recommending the solution they know? I’m constantly surprised at how many corps still just view open source as free. Like free beer. Then also have such limited understanding of it. They think that being open source means it’s kind of a hobbiest thing for those that can’t afford the “real” tools aka closed source tools.

Non-foss, death, conspiracy? 

@JPEG Had an odd case just happen. Was replying to this toot: fosstodon.org/@dctrud/10315382 I was 1 character short from limit. When I sent it.. seems to have vanished into thin air.

I also noticed seems to not show CW so wonder if including CW I was actually over limit and the mastodon instance bounced the message?

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We have identified a problem with our production database and are working to resolve it . We have no current estimate on how long it will take to restore services. letsencrypt.status.io

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