@ramob 🙈pretty much. We will see how it goes starting Friday evening 😁

@ramob exactly! Or ill just check in for just a second to keep from being too far behind on the happenings

I think the hardest part will be actually fully disconnecting from work.

I guess i'll have to turn sign out of my Rocket.Chat app or delete it and delete or silence mail from my work account.

And then try to find the self control to not check in 🙈

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A couple of weeks back I finally put in for some time off for next week.. I've been putting it off because of corona. I kept delaying because I wanted the world back to normal so I could go somewhere for vacation..

But I realized even if I don't go anywhere It will still do me a lot of good.

Its been a long time since i've taken more than 1 or 2 days off. This will be very strange.

@kev congrats on the placement! Parenting in general is challenging, so major kudos on taking a slight bit extra challenge on. You made it this far... so you got this.

Also let you in on a secret... We all pretend we know what we are doing. 😜 you can read, get advice etc.. but really each is different.. so you just kinda gotta do what humans do best.. adapt(aka learn as you go) and do what you think is best.

@karl interesting! I’ve used in docker but never even thought of using as distro for laptop. Cool :)

@karl oh wow I bet that has been an interesting little adventure!

strace showed it would do a bunch of stuff and then sleep in a loop. Many involved it writing to random named files in /bin as well as executing it and then unlinking it.

Tried killing all processes I could find related to it at the same time.. still came back. Always spike systemd-login right before it spun up.

But the occasionally process showing systemd-udevd kinda had me thinking it was running some sort of fake device /driver to boot strap the process.

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Tonight’s adventure includes... playing with some sort of malware that made it in to a test box someone stood up with ssh enabled and super simple password on root.

I’m still not sure how it works.
You kill a copy two more come up and it seemed to kill one of the other copies and then peg cpu.

Looking at /proc/{pid}/cmdline of these was interesting pointing at ls some times, top others, whoami other times, and most strangely systemd-udevd

Found this one specifically for iOS: github.com/mattrubin/Authentic

simple and has search. Might work.. of course someone forked it added groups and didn’t release source and seems to have abandoned the fork:


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Does anyone know of a decent totp authenticator app with at the very least a search ability?

I have ~40 in my google authenticator app. It gets super old scrolling every time I need a code.

Ideally dual platform support (currently on iOS).

Also on device only. Authy looks nice.. but I don’t want my MFA in someone else’s cloud.

@tomosaigon exactly! In some super automate infra provider world net plan might be useful? But I’m usually having to do by hand and it never seems to work at first try

The more exposure I get to using netplan... the more I grow to despise it. I know people hate change in general.. but this feels like too massive of a change.

Never had used systemd-network before interacting with netplan.. but found my self intuitively figuring it out.

What kind of madness is this?? a provider offers a firewall... but then the rules don’t apply to any public ip belonging to them even those in different country. Not just like they don’t block those in same network. This feels equivalent to no firewall at all

@pcrock I know you can monitor a lot of UPS with serial.. but not sure if I’ve ever seen a reboot from that serial connection.. 🤔

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