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My heart goes out to all family IT support this season ❤️🦃

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Rocket. Chat goes Privacy Tech! 🔐We are listed in IAPP´s 2019 Tech Vendor Report.

Get your free copy here zcu.io/yzOS

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I really hope this session was recorded. Cause now I really want to know... why???

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The DoD put kubernetes & @IstioMesh@twitter.com on an f-16! 😱

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Thank you to @BoeingSpace@twitter.com. At my request, Monday’s @Commercial_Crew@twitter.com Starliner pad abort test will be broadcast live. Transparency for the taxpayer.

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Happy to announce that in the States we've taken @Dell@twitter.com's XPS 13 developer edition portfolio from 2 to 18 configs! These @ubuntu@twitter.com-based systems are available w/Intel's i7 hexacore processors or i5s. You can even go big and opt for either a 1or 2TB SSD buff.ly/2PASDAH

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Oh no! I'm all out of apis! 😂

Doing an import into an unnamed platform using their rest api. We didn't realize regular web usage counted towards this count and used too many apis. And now I can't stop talking about apis like this. Need moar apis!

I know this is likely video effects of some sort.. but this is slightly terrifying with a touch of humor. If robots turn on humans.. this seems like legit way for it to start.

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So this evening had an odd craving to work on an irc style client for Below is the result of basic channel list/selection with real time sending and receiving messages.

Wrote in a few others on the team mentioned doing one in

Visited NASA JSC today and got to see the training mission control room. So of course took lots of pictures! All stations had this little box next to their console. Anyone know what it is or what it’s function is? My guess is some sort of identity/security related thing. But want to read more. :)

Wow... kind of hard to believe

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Today it was announced that Yahoo! Groups is shutting down, and taking with it a piece of critical national infrastructure: the Oftel Yahoo Group which is used for managing UK phone number assignments.

Yes, really: See Ofcom's website ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf

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A cool new way to see what’s new in @RocketChat@twitter.com 🚀

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Got questions about Rocket.Chat's new version 2.1? We will be publishing a monthly interactive video with all the news and updates! Stay tuned! 🚀


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Now this is pretty sweet!

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That feeling when you first discovered `document.designMode`

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Interesting solution.. similar to some vault based solutions I’ve seen, minus the need for two vault servers

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New blog post and feature! Introducing Keybase SSH, a way to authorize (and revoke) server access just by adding (or removing) people to a Keybase team. keybase.io/blog/keybase-ssh-ca

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Hey @github@twitter.com a bit of a frustrating UX bug for you..

On contributor PR’s we can edit code in their repo if they have “Allow edits from maintainers” checked. But I cannot commit suggestions made in code review.

Seems like this permission should apply here?

Makes installation super easy. During setup gives you the option to choose @traefik@twitter.com or @caddyserver@twitter.com and will set it up for you. Both of which give you auto ssl via @letsencrypt@twitter.com

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Rocketchatctl handles dependency installation and configuration, and optionally installs a loadbalancer/proxy with auto SSL provided by Let's Encrypt 🚀Subscription: ow.ly/vJ1x50uYqi9

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🐼 Very happy to announce that Pull Panda is now part of GitHub. Pull Reminders, Pull Assigner, and Pull Analytics are free in the GitHub Marketplace for all GitHub customers. Excited to integrate these features directly into GitHub over the coming months!

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Join Rocket.Chat tomorrow at 2:30PM (GMT -3) for a hosted by our CEO @gabriel_engel@twitter.com discussing current developments, investments, product launches and more. 💬

Please sign up for the event to receive the latest information: ow.ly/LYGO50uAGbY

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One thing that seems to have gotten hidden from the GitHub announcements is actually THE MOST VALUABLE feature for open source maintainers:

The ability to have private discussions and code review about security vulnerabilities WITHIN your repo.

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