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Falcon 9 launches ANASIS-II to orbit - the second flight for this booster, which launched @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug to the @Space_Station in May. More photos → flickr.com/spacex

242 transactions as of now... 6.33821608 BTC sent to it. $58,360.39

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✅Choosing the right tool will determine the success of your organization ✨

Now, you don´t need a large number of other software anymore.

Rocket.Chat is easy to use, safe, and customizable ⤵️

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Exciting news! @SUSE, is acquiring @Rancher_Labs. bit.ly/suse-rancher Upon close, two leaders combined will become the innovator of choice for Enterprise , , and .Great news for customers, partners, and the open source community.

Wow landed 5 times! That’s crazy
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Falcon 9’s first stage has landed on the Just Read the Instructions droneship – the first orbital class rocket booster to successfully launch and land five times!

I _might_ be a nerd. Every time I watch a nasa broadcast I have so many questions 😂

Last time it was the voice loop. This time video encoders, remote terminals onboard iss and trying to figure out when they started using tablets on board 😄

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Our Nightly version for North America now features Brave Together, our private and unlimited video calling service based on open source @jitsinews. Click on the widget & start connecting with friends/colleagues. Feedback welcome at community.brave.com/c/nightly- for this trial version.

Wow! Hard to believe that I have been a contributor on an open source project for almost 5 years!

Has been amazing to experience all the way from discovering an amazing community, to being employeed with that same great community feel inside of a company
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🚀 5 years of Rocket.Chat's First Commit Ever!

🎂Happy birthday to our squad and our awesome community of +1.5k contributors worldwide! 🌎

I hate HOA’s...

I thought I was pretty good at english... but apparently this means front wall or any window. So I’m not allowed to have a window unit.

Maybe I need to go back to English class?

@fedilab recently switched to fedilab from tusky to give a try. For the most part really liking.

One thing I'm confused by... If I goto one of the items in the menu... How do I get back to main timeline? I feel like I have to be missing something. So far if I'm lucky I can hit back a bunch of times and get to it or kill app and relaunch. But feels it is in the slide out menu and I'm just missing what to click?

Checked stats out of curiosity for last blog post...

Apparently hit hackernews. 🙈 if I would have known I would have spent more time editing. I don’t have historical stats.. but I’m pretty sure this is a record

Using self hosted Fatham if any are wondering.

Attempting to hack in the real world. Or some times known in some parts as red neck engineering

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The worm is back! When the @SpaceX@twitter.com Falcon 9 lifts off carrying @NASA_Astronauts@twitter.com aboard , it will sport the iconic symbol to mark the return of human spaceflight on American rockets from American soil. More: go.nasa.gov/3bPc7sT

Monitors, arm and display port MST splitter came in.

Of course osx doesn't support MST for multiple displays 🙄 So had to resort to using one hdmi and one display port.

Adapter works perfect with my xps 13 running Fedora. Linux ftw ;)

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