Teamviewer has apparently decided that I’m using for commercial purposes by helping grandparents with their computer problems… and limiting me to sessions about 1 minute long. With a cool down between times I can connect if 2-3 minutes.

Between being periods of access I’m trying to establish an alternate channel.

I looked at paying them a while back.. but after this sort of behavior I think instead it’s time to replace once and for all.

This is of course all related to previous toot. Have a livecd on site I made several years ago that opens a reverse shell to my vps for access to the remote machine. But I’ve lost my copy of the ssh keys and can’t find my copy of the disk 😂

What a show

@geekgonecrazy I self-host RustDesk and it's a very pleasant experience

I think them being full open source is fairly recent; the clients have always been open but the server was closed and they were selling subscriptions. I heard it mentioned on a podcast recently and they said it was fully open source which surprised me lol. Looked into it again and quickly set it up on all of mine and my family's machines. Highly recommend it :flan_thumbs:

@amolith mind blown! Sanity also very possibly saved! This is amazing! Thanks for the share!

@amolith Managed to get it installed after like an hour of teamviewer games. Seems very very smooth. Looks like teamviewer will be getting removed 👏 thanks again!

@geekgonecrazy awesome to hear it's working well! Before I started using RustDesk, I had a really jank setup using Nebula to facilitate a P2P VNC connection between desktops. Performance was fantastic but it was a pain to set up and rather delicate lol

@amolith I kinda wish it had a p2p mode, where it's not necessary to self-host anything, just rely on DHT of some sort for handshake, much like Tox does.


@drq @amolith looks like it’s using typical webrtc style signaling and hole punch as default. Then falls back to relaying.

At least seems to support encryption key

@amolith @geekgonecrazy Yup really awesome. So cool I have integrated it into our TROMjaro Linux for the next release. And I too plan to host a relay.
@amolith @geekgonecrazy I guided my relatives to use that instead of teamviewer and can confirm it's easy to use too :ablobcatbongo:

If you use it frequently, @xarvos, you’re welcomed to request the server to be hosted on, given you handle the packaging works yourself.

@amolith @geekgonecrazy There used to be a remote access program called "RustyDesktop" - I don't suppose this is related, is it?
@DHeadshot @geekgonecrazy I have no idea, I'd never heard of RustyDesktop until you mentioned it
@amolith @DHeadshot @geekgonecrazy Do you have a link? I searched for it and only returns RustDesk
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