Wow looks like both @elonmusk and @BillGates accounts hacked. Both with same typical send me BTC and I will send it back doubled. Same BTC address.

Craziest thing to me is that has already had 200 transactions sent to that address.

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242 transactions as of now... 6.33821608 BTC sent to it. $58,360.39

Wow looks like still happening to other accounts.

Idk twitters policy on verified.. but I would assume they force 2FA.

So I wonder if a 3rd party with oauth creds in common that got breached?

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Good luck @Twitter ops! May your keystrokes be swift and true. ⚔️

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With all of the politicians being hacked and not the whitehouse based accounts..

I wonder.. If they have a certificate based authentication in place for those accounts to help prevent anyone else from being able to post.

I can see such a thing being requested

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@geekgonecrazy Maybe, however, you'd assume Obama would also have that level of protection as well.

@danarel true.. although from an impact standpoint the sitting president would probably be a bigger target and more of a concern. Especially since he’s got it at his fingertips constantly

@geekgonecrazy I suspect they put extra layers of protection on it after that rogue employee deleted Trump's account for an hour

@tomasino true! I totally forgot about that. If true that the admin panel got hacked.. then they may have added something there to prevent this

@geekgonecrazy I guess if Jack Dorsey's account can get compromised then anyone's can 😅

@basil did his get hacked? 😬 I didn't see that one. I saw a bunch of the other blue checks though

@geekgonecrazy not in this incident. Was a good few months back. Some sort of SMS vulnerability on that occasion if I recall.

@basil ouch! Makes total sense.. SMS its mega vulnerable for 2FA. 😬

@geekgonecrazy entirely possible that some or even most of it is the scammer themselves doing staged transactions to make the address look more legitimate

@sir yeah I’ve seen that theory a few places as well.

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