How do people handle load balancing now days? Specifically with containerized environment in the mix. Aka k8s. In a weird situation were I might be on a provider with no LB provided.. no BGP(waiting on confirmation but pretty positive answer will be no). They do have failover ips.. but no way to do via ndp/arp. :(

Thinking a couple of failover ips and a couple of edge nodes taking the traffic and then ssl terminating and proxying in to rest of cluster.

Thought about maybe HA Proxy in front of edge nodes running my ingress controller. But this feels like over kill. (Ingress controller is must since my load is extremely dynamic via ingress records)

Thought about MetalLB.. but with no BGP, no arp/ndp.. it would literally just sit there on the node and hand traffic over to traefik. But still might be easier then trying to do nodePort.

Idk thoughts?

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