I hate HOA’s...

I thought I was pretty good at english... but apparently this means front wall or any window. So I’m not allowed to have a window unit.

Maybe I need to go back to English class?

@geekgonecrazy Yeah, that's fairly ambiguous. I read it as front wall or front window, not just any windows. That's pretty common for HOAs.

@WhoNeedszZz I mean if going to all the effort to say any front wall... You would think they would say any window if that was what they meant. Ive disputed once... The management company couldn't defend. They escalated to board president which apparently just out right decided it meant no window units. A bit maddening

@geekgonecrazy I'm not entirely against hoa, but sometimes they seem to go pretty far in limiting every thing. Even Christmas decorations. That part, I do hate. Like its and property, I'll do what I want.

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