Follow wow... just wow.

This fit makes no sense.

I can only guess they couldn't land on a business model and the opportunity showed its self so they jumped ship to avoid hitting the end and going under.

@geekgonecrazy why doesn't it make sense? A surveillance company with a lot of money buying a lot of smart engineers and abandoning the centralized product that people relied on and trusted for some reason.

A classic pattern, no-one should have bought into keybase in the first place.

@Matter I think keybase lost their way. Because they started off and with something solid and useful. Then they ventured off into chat, crypto currency etc.. I hoped like others they would make key exchange easier. But they went completely different direction.

@geekgonecrazy @Matter Wasn't Keybase always a Blockchain solution? I thought that was strange from the beginning and never bought into it.

@WhoNeedszZz @Matter I think it was for the chain of trust or something like that.

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