Per popular request we're exploring alternative payment options. Let's assume we keep Paypal and ONLY add as an option, will you use Bitcoin for future purchases?

@PINE64 Bitcoin Cash is a nice solution. Though I won't need to conceal my identity when purchasing on your website, so for me, in this scenario, any crypto is overkill


@yarmo @PINE64 I think the problem is its PayPal only. Which makes a lot of people frustrated. I'd use PayPal if I had to.. But almost any other option would definitely make it nicer.

@geekgonecrazy @PINE64 oh, it's PayPal only now? The only pine64 product I ever bought was the OG kickstarter (best kickstarter ever <3). Is a creditcard/debitcard method not a simple addition?

@yarmo @PINE64 yup I think only been PayPal on their website. I think they don’t want to mess with tax related stuff maybe? Idk I’ve Implemented enough payment processing this seems like no brainer to me as well

@geekgonecrazy @yarmo Direct card transactions aren't so easy when you have customers all around the world. Different payment systems in several regions that normally aren't compatible. We'd have to be using several different processors at the same time, which would be a nightmare for the sales team.

@PINE64 @yarmo I can see it being hard if using multiple. I’ve had great luck with stripe handling all. Maybe limit cards to certain regions you are comfortable handling? E-commerce is fun isn’t it? :)

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