Getting that itch to use linux more as my daily driver. My xps13 still has Fedora Silverblue on it.. But every time I sit down to use it.. I find my self not wanting to mess with the ostree to get all of my programs and config loaded in.

Might be time for a distro hop on it.

Manjaro for some reason is calling me.

But i've been hoping to see the pop! OS beta come out. The tiling extension teased looks interesting -

What should I load up? :D

@geekgonecrazy I was about to jump to Manjaro but went ahead and went right to Arch and I am so happy with that decision.

@danarel I’ve done plain arch a few times and it’s easy enough to install... but while it’s neat and can lend to that feeling of building something it’s super inconvenient to install regular old arch 😬

Any reason you ended with regular arch over manjaro or any of the other arch distro a?

@geekgonecrazy The community was a huge part of it. The Arch forum won't help Manjaro users, etc.

But I also didn't want something like was like the Ubuntu of Debian. I figured I could just go right to the source.

@danarel I would say that surprises me that they won’t help but it doesn’t. Arch users are a proud and purist people. 😁

@geekgonecrazy and just as quickly, I ran an update last night, system wouldn't respond or get to login screen.

Hello, Manjaro...

Ahhh, Linux..

@danarel hahaha oops. I went through the manjaro Architect installer as apparently at least the Gnome installer was super limited in how it could partition the disk. Couldn't seem to figure out how to setup lvm+luks with that installer. But the one in architect could do no problem at all.

@Gina mint was my goto distro for several years. Really liked cinnamon. I wonder how much has changed since then. There are over a dozen kiosks in a library I used to work at still running a customized Linux mint. Installed back in 2011 🙈

@geekgonecrazy Why don't you actually stop on a distro and understand how Linux works and learn to make it do what you want instead of skipping from one distro to another with a superficial understanding.

@Lux what makes you think I haven’t? I’ve been using Linux for years. Started almost 2 decades ago.

I don’t hop purely based on misunderstanding or frustration with a distro. I hop to broaden my knowledge. Many stick with a Debian based or Ubuntu based if you will all of their time and then when faced with a rpm based have no idea how to use yum, dnf, zypper etc.

@Lux I’m not leaving Fedora Silverblue because I don’t understand how it works. Have you ever used an ostree based distro before? It’s definitely a bit beyond any normal linux experience. Establishing workflows in this limiting environment is still a bit new. It’s a fantastic concept. But it makes doing the basics much more challenging. You don’t just tweak a file. You have to modify the tree

@geekgonecrazy So fine. You picked an esoteric. But from that you should know what you want in a distro and settle on it.
@geekgonecrazy Because if you understand Linux you can make almost any (but the most esoteric) distro behave exactly how you want it to.

You may have a preference for package management, long term stability vs rolling release, but once that is understood, there is no reason to hop. You seem to be smacked up against "but the package manager" as a problem when if you know what you're doing and you know how to compile code it isn't a problem at all.

@Lux definitely no preference for package manager. I don’t find dnf, apt or pacman any more challenging then the other. They all feel about the same to me.

Also release cadence is a bit of a mixed bag for me. Sometimes an LTS is nice.. other times rolling is nice to experience the new.

The lack of a strong preference is probably part of the problem

@geekgonecrazy if they're regularly updated and upgraded those kiosks will probably still be there. I really like the Mate desktop instead of Cinnamon, would definitely give it a chance.

@Gina man I hope they are keeping them updated. 😬 Fortunately it’s just a python WebKit program I wrote booted straight from x and will only show the library catalog.

I’ve never really tried mate before. I for some reason always end up on gnome3. I’ve heard nice things about how light mate is and I do kinda miss 2 panels from gnome2 days :thinking:

@geekgonecrazy Might I suggest another Ubuntu derivative distro you might try . . . ;)

Whichever way your hopping goes, good luck on the journey :)

@geekgonecrazy (Nitpicky self-correction: I should have said Ubuntu *flavor*!)

@Kubuntu 😂 probably an important distinction. Kde hasn’t grown on me just yet. One of these days I’ll install as default so I can get used to it.

Never fear almost always Ubuntu on the server 😜

@geekgonecrazy For me it's @ubuntu based for laptops and PCs (preferably Linux Mint Mate) and CentOS for servers. I find RPM distros more stable and friendlier to troubleshoot (maybe because I have more experience with them), but DEB based ones simply are easier for end users esp. when it comes to libraries, drivers, etc. I do like Fedora's approach to software licencing attitude though 👍

@gytis @ubuntu I’ve actually seen many take this approach. Definitely a good way to stay familiar with both package managers 😁. I do like securing centos over Ubuntu.

You are the second one to mention Linux mint Mate. Curious why Linux mint mate vs regular ‘ol Ubuntu mate? What is mint bringing to table extra?

@geekgonecrazy @ubuntu Personally for me good start with Linux Mint was due to Cinnamon which is continution of good old Gnome 2 traditions. Later on I find myself on Mate which became much more stable recently. Key factor choosing #linuxmint over plain @ubuntu is Kernel management app and mintupdater which makes version updates so easy 👍

@gytis @ubuntu nice! I guess it’s been too long since I visited it!

@gytis @geekgonecrazy @ubuntu good choice 🤓
I am still using #Cinnamon but only because I like the extra "bling" effect of it. Might should give #Mate another try 🤔.....

@toxision @geekgonecrazy @ubuntu Cinnamon has very nice widgets but I remember I had some issues configuring displays with proprietary Nvidia driver. Not sure if directly related anyhow, but Mate worked better :linux:

@geekgonecrazy I've been on elementaryOS for like, two years now, and haven't looked back.

Been using Ubuntu and a random hodgepodge of Unix-likes since my early teenage years, though.

@sean elementaryOS is one I follow closely. They are doing some really interesting stuff. Never have given it a go as my daily driver though

@geekgonecrazy I was apprehensive at first. It used to be pretty buggy, but a lot of it has stabilized over the last year and a half.
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