After years of people telling me that mechanical keyboards are where it’s at. Going to give it a shot.

All else fails I’ll at least sound more productive 😂

@geekgonecrazy It’ll at least be more fun, and you’ll look way cooler.

@gabek so far feels nice.

Apparently has cherry red switches. No idea what that means. But I hear a portion of die hards like them. 🙈

I guess I’ve technically had one dell mechanical in the past. I did like it.

True test when I get in grove programming and not just short bursts of typing 😁

@geekgonecrazy Try the Brown switches next time - they won't be making any loud clickity sounds.

It's great for typing imo :)

@soul_predator these are apparently cherry Mx red. I heard from someone else also that I should have went brown. Is cherry Mx still a good switch? I’m totally a noob when it comes to all of the nuisance of mechanical keyboards 😂

@geekgonecrazy Fret not, they're all good. It just comes to preferences.

Overall, Cherry MX Browns provide a balanced tactile feedback for typing while minimizing the finger strain- hence, people recommend them.

Mechanical > Membrane anyday. So, just switch to browns on your next future purchase if you want :)

Here's something to help you if you haven't checked it out already:

@soul_predator thanks for the link! Will for sure have to read up for the next time. I should have definitely asked for some recommendations prior to the purchase. :grin:

@geekgonecrazy @soul_predator I know a few things about keyboards if you need any help. My hobby is custom keyboards and I build my own keyboards. :)

One thing I can say about switches is that there's NOT a type of switch or any brand that's better or worse for typing and/or gaming. It's 100% personal preferences.

The article mention Cherry MX as the gold standard. That may be true with mainstream keyboards, but there's switches that's—technically—way better though.

@hund @soul_predator Awesome! I actually ran across your post with the PCB's yesterday. Thats a super interesting hobby!

So far i'm enjoying the keyboard though I know for sure if I would have spent the time I spent hunting for monitors on keyboards too I would have came up with a much better one. :D

But I spent several days just trying to decide type of monitor.. so maybe its a good thing I just jumped in instead 😂

@geekgonecrazy @soul_predator You can never do too much research! ;)

I always recommend to start out with something common and not so expensive (which is fairly relative here). It's not like you start out in any other hobby with the most expensive high-end gear you could find, you might never ever need it anyway. So why would this hobby be any different?

That keyboard looks just a good option! :)

You found a monitor you liked? That's impossible! I've spent years trying to find something..

@hund @soul_predator Definitely true!

:joy: well.. I found a monitor that I could live with. I haven't bought a new desktop monitor for last 10 years. So at this point absolutely everything is better then what I had.

Hardest part for me was deciding between one of those super big displays.. or a couple of displays.

I knew for sure if I had 2 displays couldn't handle 1080p for sure had to be closer to 2k resolution so I could fit more on the screen. So ended with 2:

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