After a couple of years now working with laptop from table or couch finally getting a home office setup.

Standing desk, dual monitors etc.

The challenge is going to be getting in habit of standing some instead of always sitting🙈

@geekgonecrazy Congratulations for the upcoming setup.

I feel like dual-monitors could be a good/bad thing based on preferences.

Some of my friends find it distracting for work but as a setup, it looks good.

@soul_predator I've had dual monitor, even triple monitor setups in the past.

In some ways I kind of enjoy the focus a single laptop screen can bring. Downside is when you need to look at lots of info in a more rapid fashion. Then you spend a lot of time switching windows / workspaces.

The problem I found my self facing with multiple monitors was it felt like I was always having to turn my head too much back and forth.

Thinking about doing on vertical and one horizontal

@soul_predator so pretty much exactly as you said comes to preference. We’ll see how it goes. 😁

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