What is the recommended router hardware now days? What about wifi?

I've used ubiquiti edgerouter in business setting several times with a lot of success.

But looking for something for home. Is microtek still any good?

I have a Google onhub that is Google 😶 and 2 years old so showing its performance age.

Been a while since have done ddwrt/openwrt, but like the idea of hardware I can run something like this on.

@geekgonecrazy Are you looking for a project or for something that “just works”?

@brian great question! Mostly something that is just going to work. But would like it to be something I could get at core to tweak. Probably asking for the impossible :)

@geekgonecrazy In that case I’d roll with Mikrotik. If you’re looking for a simple all-in-one SOHO type thing, probably the hAP AC.

If you want something you can really tweak, there are some nice Banana Pi router-centric boards, like the R2 (and wireless cards to go with them).

If you want something you can really tweak and have a little more spare cash, get a cheap PC and throw a wireless card and an SFP card in it (or two, if by some miracle you have a faster than gigabit Internet connection). Get a Mikrotik switch with SFP to connect to the router, and all your wired devices off that switch. If playing with hostapd isn’t your cup of tea (it’s a finicky beast sometimes), you can always just run an AP off that switch too.

@brian Thanks for the suggestions! I’m not really sure what level I actually want. Used to my answer would be maximum control and tweak ability. But now days I do like to be able to go hands off and things just work.

I’ve done the PC as router thing in the past. It works.. but definitely introduces a new concern power usage. 😁

I guess I’ll start looking at the mikrotik equipment and see if I can find something with right balance of feature to price :)

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