Follow I have to wonder if Elon knew much about Jack Ma prior. The looks that go across his face 😂

@geekgonecrazy Elon can look a bit <spacy> anyway 😂 You should’ve seen some of the comments in live feed during the talk. Some swore, humorously he was high...again😂

@rachelwilson He does have that way about him. So awkward! 😂 Its really hard to tell. Was he struggling to figure out how to talk to this guy... or was he stoned? 🙈

@geekgonecrazy nah not stoned typically he’s prepped well prior to any public speak engagement. May not have been much talking points or format preview before hand. Awkward is accurate and understandably so.

@geekgonecrazy my fav was when Ma declares humans smarter than computer. Elon’s initial “TF!” expression/reaction priceless.

@rachelwilson yes! He had a few of those moments like whaaaaa?

At first I was the same. But I think at the end of Ma's argument I finally got his intended argument. At least I think..

But overall... I really hate how some of this stuff is being called AI. A fancy algorithm that can learn based on given set of information is not AI in my book. If it can learn completely new things that it has not been instructed to... thats when it gets scary and is more AI

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