Wow.. valid ssl plus window only being wide enough to see valid part of url. I can see this fooling some 😶
RT Quick phishing demo. Would you fall for something like this?


@Indie i’d hope two factor would aid in not fooling and generally cautious of the places that ask for linking to my stuff.... but i dont want to be foolish just maybe extra cautious now

@geekgonecrazy also if my email ain’t already populated in there like hell im gonna put it in

@Indie yes most people dont seem to want to be bothered by the extra few seconds every once in a while. Im hoping u2f becoming more mainstream

@geekgonecrazy apart from something major happening online I don’t see it happening soon

@geekgonecrazy thanks again for posting this because now I keep seeing this kind of stuff and I don't trust anything. Lol it's probably for the best because the links do tend to look kind of odd.

@SheepKidd 😁 same. But it’s likely a good thing. When such dialogs pop up I’m now more sure that I truly triggered etc

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