Do you have a blog? A technical one? How often do you run into a problem that makes you think "hm, I should probably write about it"?

At my previous job, we had a weekly Engineering-wide (5 teams, ~25 people) huddle. Talk about highlights of the week, interesting problems, good things we shipped, etc.

Some people always had a way of highlighting fascinating problems. I rarely could. When engaging in conversation, however, things were different: I could always bring up interesting problems from recent experience.

I think they're instances of the same problem.

Is that a skill? How does one train one's "here's something interesting I found out" muscle?

@gclv I do not have a blog, but when I consider things that I could blog about, I always assume no one would care. I agree that it's a skill to be able to articulate interesting problems in a way that engages people.

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