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EFF opposes digital proof of COVID vaccination as a condition of going about our daily lives. They’re not “vaccine passports” to speed our way back to normal. They’re “vaccine bouncers” that will scrutinize us at doorways and unfairly turn many of us away.

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❌ Linux
❌ GNU/Linux
❌ GNU+Linux
✅ Linux-based operating system using glibc and GNU coreutils + dozen other projects

Let's talk job titles.

Is that a skill? How does one train one's "here's something interesting I found out" muscle?

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At my previous job, we had a weekly Engineering-wide (5 teams, ~25 people) huddle. Talk about highlights of the week, interesting problems, good things we shipped, etc.

Some people always had a way of highlighting fascinating problems. I rarely could. When engaging in conversation, however, things were different: I could always bring up interesting problems from recent experience.

I think they're instances of the same problem.

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Do you have a blog? A technical one? How often do you run into a problem that makes you think "hm, I should probably write about it"?

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It sure says something about me that I have opinions on rms's board position despite not knowing what either has been up to in the last decade.

But this statement from the FSF seems hard to dispute:

"He remains the most articulate philosopher and an unquestionably dedicated advocate of freedom in computing."

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I don't even know what it is that the FSF does.

I noticed just today that @delta supports video calls via Jitsi.

What an elegant piece of software design (on top of messy protocols, no less.)

What's the gentilic for Mastodon? "Mastodonian"? I won't be able to toot my without knowing...


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