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📍Software libre: un servicio a la comunidad, un buen negocio

📆 Jueves, 21 de julio, 18:00
📌Épico, plaza Guayarte

¿Cómo escoger el software libre apropiado? ¿Por qué debemos colaborar con el software libre que usemos?

@Epico @guayaquiltech

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Próximamente estaré brindando este curso de Programación en Python, el mismo incluye:

- Certificado por más de 60h con aval de la @setec_ec
- Programación funcional y POO
- Ejemplos prácticos y actualizados.
- Librerías de Interfaces Gráficas.
- Conexión a base de datos.

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#R you using the native R #pipe
|> or do you prefere the #magrittr pipe %>% or another or none?

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@holger @underdarkGIS @gavg712 @MapsAndMovement @msevilla00 @delawen @antiapathy @schluff

I wish there was a way to create and share collaborative lists (I created one, but can't share it).

Feel free to add anyone missing in the list

A little big difference: The - 

EN: = organizational repository of code, mainly maintained by Roberth Hijmans = Organizational code repository, mainly maintained by Edzer Pebesma and contributed by many people.

ES: = Repositorio organizacional de código, principalmente mantenido por Roberth Hijmans = Repositorio organizacional de código, principalmente mantenido por Edzer Pebesma y contribuido por muchas (...)

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A little big difference: The - 

EN: = base url for raster and terra help sites = base url for sf, stars, mapview, spdep, sftime and many more help sites.

ES: = url base para los sitios de ayuda de raster y terra = url base para los sitios de ayuda de sf, stars, mapview, spdep, sftime y muchos más

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A little big difference: The - 

EN: = Spatial Data Science with R. A book on spatial computing using the terra and raster packages. = Blog by @edzerpebesma with interesting posts about the evolution of .

ES: = Spatial Data Science with R. Un libro de computación espacial usando los paquetes terra y raster = Blog de @edzerpebesma con interesantes entradas sobre la evolución de

rcli is a command line client for install and manage different versions in a computer. It is available for GNU , Windows or MacOs

rcli es un reciente cliente para línea de comandos, que permite instalar y gestionar diferentes versiones de R en un mismo ordenador. Está disponible para GNU Linux, Windows o MacOs

+ Info at:

This new paper introduces gwpcorMapper, a newly developed software application for mapping geographically weighted correlation and partial correlation in large multivariate datasets. gwpcorMap-per facilitates ESDA by giving researchers the ability to interact with map components that describe local correlative relationships

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Did you know? 💡 LibreOffice has an alternative user interface, called the NotebookBar! Try it out – go to View > User Interface in the menu, and then choose Tabbed ✅ (And if you want to switch back, click the menu icon in the top-right of the NotebookBar.)

EN: At FLISOL - Loja I had the chance to talk about one of the things that excite me when I teach. The surprised faces of students wondering how a text file can become slides, a PDF or an html, and even a word docx.

ES: En el FLISOL - Loja tuve oportunidad de hablar de una de las cosas que me ilusionan cuando doy clases. La cara de sorpresa de estudiantes preguntándose cómo un fichero de texto puede convertirse en una presentación, un PDF o un html, e incluso en un word docx.

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Using on @Ubuntu LTS cloud, server, desktop?

The new repo has 19000 .deb binaries with full dependencies and `apt` integration. Demo of a full `tidyverse` installation in 18 seconds (on @awscloud) below.

More details at

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GDAL Released: v3.4.3
By mail [1] Even Rouault announced yesterday that a new version of the universal GDAL library [2] is available since 04.05.2022, GDAL v3.4.3. GDAL is mainly known as a command line tool, but also as an essential part of QGIS. You can find the new features on GitHub [3]. @GdalOrg @EvenRouault #gdal #ogr #fossgis #foss4g #opensource #gistribe #geospatial #gis #geo #geoObserver

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#Twitter is launching #Bluesky, a.k.a. Authenticated Data Experiment.

It'll lead to a more decentralized social network, a more open-source platform, federation across instances, shared protocols, and users in charge of their own "Personal Data Repositories" that they can easily share and move around.

In other words, Twitter is reinventing #ActivityPub, and ignoring years of progress already made on the protocols and infrastructures of the #Fediverse.

I'm really wondering what's the point. If you're a company like Twitter, that has already been struggling to turn profitable for the past decade, what's the point of pouring even more resources into rebuilding ActivityPub from scratch instead of reusing what's already available?

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A new version of LabPlot, KDE's data analysis and visualization software, has landed. LabPlot 2.9 comes with color maps and conditional formatting, box plot graphs, support for MATLAB, SAS, Stata and SPSS formats, improved performance, and much, much more:

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We are going to do a The Carpentries Instructor Training in Spanish for free.

If you want to learn how to teach technology, come and let's learn together.

You can be certified too and we will have a day to help you with the checkout process.

Help us to grow the community in Latin America.

More data:

EN: I never understood why most of the is on a proprietary platform like . Why is that?

ES: Nunca entendí porqué la mayor parte del está en una plataforma privativa como . Por qué?

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