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Should be interesting to see how the election goes down tonight...

Just tried a beyond meat sausage, and I gotta say... I'm impressed... Not sure I would have known it wasn't meat if given a blind taste test.

So what has everyone been up to? (I know I've said this before but I'm going to try and be on fosstodon more, I miss my fosstodon peeps)

Hope everyone has been well, haven't been on fosstodon as much since I started the new job.

I hope everyone is doing well! I haven't been on here as much recently but I hope you're all staying safe and enjoying life as much as you currently can!

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Super hyped about starting my first job as a full time software developer!

I just realized HEY is double the price of what I'm paying for protonmail... but it is a very tempting service, looks really nice...

Thoughts on HEY email? Currently using protonmail and while I'm not looking to switch emails given how much of a pain in the ass it was last time to change everything over... I'm definitely intrigued by HEY... Anyone have any experience with it?

Fun fact, if you made 100 dollars an hour and worked non stop for 1000 years (pretend you're immortal) you still wouldn't have a billion dollars, now keep in mind that there are people who have over 100 billion dollars.

So as far as I understand, react and vue have typescript support but the actuall documentation on the types and what they require seems to be lacking (at least for vue) angular has fully documented typescript support (in fact it's only typescript) but angular seems kind of bloated... :(

I wonder if anyones written an IDE tool to analyze data you're bitpacking better

Is there anything I need to consider when getting a webcam for linux? Are some brands better for compatability than others or does it not really matter all that much?

Omg Star Wars: Squadrons has me hyped... and I rarely get hyped about games...

Aaaah it works, I got a minimal x configuration set up with i3! I think last time I didn't copy the default xinit config so I think I was missing some important configuration things.

Getting the musl version of void setup didn't work, but I'll give that another try some other time.

or a version of void that comes with a gui already setup

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Going to try and get my minimal void linux install setup one more time, and if I still run into issues I'm just going to slap fedora on or something...

Dang, I'm learning the swift programming language, and I gotta say I like what I see so far...

Haven't actually coded anything yet, but I might like what I see so far better than kotlin... (Rust still so far is my favourite looking language that I've been trying to learn)

Remember when everyone was complaining about 2016?

I don't think anyone would have if they knew what 2020 would bring... Wonder when this is going to peak...

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