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I need more programmer friends, ones who actually like to chit chat

Any BSD users on here? At some point I'm tempted to take another look at BSD, I mean I'll probably stick with linux for now as I understand the gaming support for BSD isn't great, and any gaming support it does have comes specifically from it's linux compatability layer...

But I do like the concept of BSD, as far as I understand BSD's are a complete OS package rather than a collection of individual packages built around the linux kernel

Political thought at 3am... major tax hikes on big mega fast food chains, McDonalds, A&W, KFC, Wendies, etc etc... Also major tax hikes on places like walmart and other discount mega stores

Something that forces them to have to raise their prices... Next use said extra tax money to increase minimum wage. People now have more spending power to be able to afford the now more expensive McDonalds, while also allowing smaller local businesses to have competitive prices with the big mega corporations

The more I read about basic income... the more I think it's a good idea!

So Disney+ the good and the bad...

The good, it has an excellent selection of stuff to pick from...

The bad, no linux support... it also has some day 1 bugs that really should have been caught by QA... (the show all a-z category doesn't actually go beyond the first page)

When logging into the home page on the apple tv app it says can't connect (can still watch movies)

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BirdSite (aka Twitter) has added an algorithm to filter out 'Mastodon' from 'Trends' and even Timelines 😹💁‍♂️

Are you surprised?

This is a very noob question, but how do I add something to a path so that whenever I open up a terminal I can just type in the app name and it launches, like is there a list of symlinks that I just need to add to? (Running pop_os!)

Downloaded an appimage and I want to be able to launch it simply without navigating to the folder

Today I learned a VERY valuable lesson... never EVER compare strings with == always use .equals()...

*cries in a corner

I miss C++ already XD

Seriously thinking of giving emacs a go as my primary editor...

Random thought, is an acapella song without lyrics considered to be an instrumental?

Goals for when I have more spare time, work through the challenges on hackerrank and projecteuler...

Just found another reason to abolish daylight savings times, overnight workers who end up working an extra hour due to the clocks going back an hour...

Never thought I'd be saying this but I wish windows had a command line text editor (ya I know I could download one and add it to the path but that's more work than I want to do right now for something that isn't my primary dev machine)

So apparently the elm programming language is a thing, a pure functional language for front end web development... I'm intrigued...

I'm far too excited/impatient for my bottle of the last dab to arrive in the mail today...

So I just had a thought, often parties get their start focused on one main issue, and then if they become big enough they'll start developing policies on other issues.

Like we have the green party (environmental issues)

The libertarian parties which believe in small government.

Canada has the marijuana party (you can take a guess at that one)

But what about a party focused on government transparency/accountability as it's main focused, that if elected their goal is to bring transparency...

My wife and I have a fun little saying "Gimme my spice and no one gets hurt... except for me..."

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It would be great if we could actually get Bernie Sanders to join Mastodon. This is the future of social networking, after all. Just saying

I've noticed things I used to find brutally hot are now not so bad, I wonder if I keep this up if I'm just going to get to a point where spice doesn't bug me at all XD

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