Thoughts on locally installing a database for messing around with, or just installing a docker image? Hoping to experiment with a bunch of different databases, and I'm realizing it might be easier to just install a bunch of docker images.

@gaurdianaq if your not going to stick with just one, I'd stick to the docker images. Just make sure you keep a consistent volume attached to them or the db will corrupt for sure.

@splatt9990 not sure what that means as I'm not super familiar with docker yet, also will using docker affect performance? My plan is to stress test them and load them up with a TON of data

@gaurdianaq you attach volumes to images to give them some form of access to your local filesystem. Its also the only way to keep any state changes from the image. If you stop an image and dont reconnect it to the right volume, the data in the db will be incorrect (or appear to be wiped)

@splatt9990 fair enough, honestly not worried about persistence of data, I just plan to fill it up with randomly generated data. The plan is to just learn more about different storage engines/could practices and such. And to also compare designing the same database under different data models (plan to make a fantasy weapon/character/inventory management database)

See how the different databases compare in terms of query speed, and how easy the data is to model.

@gaurdianaq as far as performance docker will impose a slight overhead on your stress tests but not nearly as much as running a vm.

@gaurdianaq Docker images are made for this exact thing. It'll be the easiest to set up and then tear down

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