It kind of concerns me how central eating out seems to be to our culture... Like don't get me wrong, I've probably ordered take out one too many times recently...

I mean there is also an argument to be made that we have an economic system that lets hard working individuals fall through the cracks because a pandemic makes their business no longer profitable... :(

@gaurdianaq I think it's not just eating out but the need for socializing. How do you sociailze outdoors in the dead of winter? In the summer it's easier to social distance. While heating outside patios at the surface seems like a good solution, I don't think it's worth the environmental cost... But you're right, the root issue is the economic system. The pandemic has revealed the cracks in our system.

@edel In regards to socializing, i guess part of me just doesn't understand. We live in an age where it's really easy to set up fun social events over the internet that people can enjoy... I mean I know it's not quite the same as in person, but like seems like a better alternative than risking spreading the virus.

@gaurdianaq I've gone out to eat out twice this entire pandemic and it was such a relief to see someone in the flesh after months of staying at home by myself (I live alone). Now, I wouldn't go out to eat again since cases are climbing where I am, but I get why people still go out. I don't know how to describe it but video calls are definitely not a long term substitute for face to face communication. Maybe there needs to be safer ways to get physical face time outside of eating at restuarants.

@edel you make an excellent point, I don't live alone and I can only imagine how much harder this pandemic would be if I did live alone...

@gaurdianaq meeting around food is not a thing of our culture but our species; all humanity feels the same way from east to west. It's deeply atavic; probably all gregarious animals feel the same way when joining their kind and eating some prey.

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