Thoughts on the tiny house movement/off the grid living?

@gaurdianaq I like it. I couldn't live in a tiny house. But I'm interested in buying a smaller house (<1500 sqft) than most of my peers and would love to be off the grid.

@cavaliertusky ya I don't think I could live in a tiny house either, but the company simpleterra has some interesting house designs that make use of shipping containers (saw some nice ones that were like 600-900 square feet)

Also had some interesting ideas for using a yurt as a home...

@gaurdianaq if you are really questioning it then it may not be for you. Off the grid would be difficult if you like hobbies. Much of your spare time will be spent working. The tiny house part, meh, I couldn't do it unless I was single with no kids or it's 1860s again.

@jordan31 @gaurdianaq
If it was just me, and 1 cat. I suppose I could, but I'd might end up spending more time out of the tiny place at coffee shops, etc, etc...

I lived out/in of my Semi-Truck for almost 9 years, with larger things in storage, etc, etc, so in a way, I've already been there and done that to a slight degree.

There's a TON of things that can be done with 12 volts, and small spaces.


@randynose @jordan31 @unklebonehead

Not currently planning to go tiny house anyways, at least not that tiny... But I love the concept of doing more with less so to speak. I kind of like the idea of having a tiny house, and then attaching a couple of container houses for extra space (and have the main one be on wheels, so if you wanted to take it somewhere you could)

@gaurdianaq @randynose @jordan31 Yeah, us truckdrivers have been into the tiny house movement for a loooooong time, lol. I lived in a truck with most of my stuff in storage at my parents house from 1992-2003 when I ended up getting married lol.

@unklebonehead @gaurdianaq @jordan31

I was "hanging out" in the truck right after my divorce. - It was a rough time in my life, and being able to "not spend" money was helpful at the time.

@gaurdianaq @jordan31 @unklebonehead

I think that the younger generation is more interested in experiences, and traveling VS the whole picket fence and settling into a job for 30 years.
- And that might be a real good thing.

@randynose @jordan31 @unklebonehead

I mean I'm fine with the idea of settling into a job, at this point I just want a bit of stability in my life, that's not to say that once I have that stability I might be interested in travel and what not...

But I'm tired of thinking about when my next shift will be, whether I'll have enough hours in the next week...

This weekend I started working back at mcdonalds again and was reminded how stressful it can be...

@randynose @gaurdianaq @unklebonehead I've got a mixture of the two. I'm now ready for that white picket fence (built by my own hands) and a steady salary job. Maybe a little hobby on the side.

@gaurdianaq I would love to live in a tiny house wife and kids not so excited. I would not be able to live off grid but independent of the grid yes. I've solar panels and other self sufficient means.

@gaurdianaq Tiny house is fine, but off the grid, not so much. With public utilities---especially in greener countries--IMHO we make much more efficient use of resources the earth has to offer. But smaller homes is very advantageous. I currently live in a 50m² flat, which is a bit small, but even something slightly bigger is way more efficient in many respects, like cleaning or heating. Even with family, anything over a 150m² seems to be an overkill.

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