Does Angular count as FOSS? I'm trying to avoid supporting google when I can, I know Angular is under the MIT license, but I also know it's owned and maintained by google... Am I supporting google by trying to take up Angular?

@gaurdianaq MIT is FOSS. Control of the product is another problem though, and I always prefer community-led projects for that reason

@gaurdianaq If it is under MIT licence it is FOSS. You can do whatever you want with it, and google can't take it away. Also you don't have to pay them.

@besserwisser @gaurdianaq I thought it's Vue->React->React Clones but seems like in reality it is React->Vue->Angular->Preact. I've heard that Angular is the most popular with big companies like corporate sector but I have nothing to back it with.

@charlag @gaurdianaq I thought Angular was more popular than Vue in actual deployment other than hobbyist devs playing around with it.

@gaurdianaq well, you are not supporting Google with money or your data. But you may see it like you are helping spreading the idea that they make useful tool. Which is anyway true. So no big deal I think.

@gaurdianaq If you use Google tech, you support Google by giving them mindshare.

Granted, I'm guilty of this myself by virtue of my owning an Android-powered smartphone, so I'm not judging you too harshly.

@gaurdianaq as others have said, MIT makes it FOSS.

If your concerned about google not handling theproject the way you like , roll your own fork! MIT is Loosey Goosey like that.

@EclecticEclipse @starbreaker @amdg2 @charlag @yisraeldov @Matter

Thanks for all the responses! I have this idea for an app, and I guess I just want to make sure all the tools I use to make it come from ethical sources and all that. I figure I should learn a web stack and I'm currently bouncing between Django and MEAN

@gaurdianaq I'd say that Angular is ethically developed.

As far as I am aware, the framework does not do and background shenanigans

@gaurdianaq I have been looking at #Clojure lately, but it also seems to use some google stuff. #PHP is not as bad as it used to be as long as you aren't using frameworks that encourage bad behavior like #laravel .

@maridonkers @gaurdianaq Yep, OP was about not using AngularJS because he didn't want to use google products.

But on the subject, if something requires proprietary software for building, is it accurate to claim it is OSS? ( I know this isn't the case with clojure )

@gaurdianaq I think that writing "ethical code" or code that is not evil and offensive is just as important for #OSS as using tools that come from ethical sources. This is also a deeper discussion, does a tool or idea become unethical just because the source or the means where unethical? I have been thinking about this for a while. Is buying a german car or a ford considered unethical because of their history.

@gaurdianaq Most problems would probably come with different licenses, such as the one M$ does for VS Code or such. If it's MIT and you're fine with the license, I don't see much of a problem.
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