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I want to buy the domain and fill it with only the most wholesome pictures of happy families.

Does anyone here know of any federated video games? Something I've been thinking about recently...

I'm curious to hear some peoples thoughts on this... are there any tools/platforms where open source options are limited/not great?

any reason why

locate --regex -i \/fishworld.*\/[^\/]*Constellation[^\/\.]*(.bmp||(.jpeg|.jpg))$

would run fine in wsl (ubuntu) but not on CentOS? Like I found a workaround in that if I just wrap the regex in single quotes it runs as expected, but I'm curious as to why that would break in centos, it doesn't like the brackets for the capture group saying it's an unexpected token. They're both running bash.

Looking for suggestions for tools for indexing/searching large amounts of files (up to 2 terabytes worth)

Needs to be something I can hook up to a front end web interface (or possibly a desktop client that can connect remotely)

We have a large SVN repo and we need a way for our team to be able to search/download files from it without needing to checkout the entire repo.

We get so settled into the idea that radical change can't/shouldn't happen. But that doesn't mean it's not worth trying, but there needs to be the will to make it happen. The will to step outside of what is comfortable/normal and a desire to want to try and improve things for everyone.

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A discussion I've had while talking about politics (and my anti-capitalist ideas) with people is that people often point out all the good capitalism has done, and how humanity has prospered more under capitalism than any other economic system.

And I don't deny that, yet at the same time that doesn't mean that capitalism is the final stage either. I think capitalistic society has existed long enough for us to recognize the areas where it falls short.

An interesting read. The author argues that the reason dynamically typed languages are so popular is because of the lack of verbosity, which got me thinking to why I like Kotlin so much more than Java, because it lets me write code without having to write as much boilerplate, but I still get all the static typing benefits of java if not more...

Is there a federated marketplace, like something like amazon but federated?

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"  If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Facebook-branded set of VR goggles strapped to an emaciated human face—forever."

Well wired has definitely changed its tone from the metallic inked techno utopian onanism it once had hasn't it

Just finished watching the social dillemma on netflix, got me thinking I've been using facebook too much again recently and not enough fosstodon XD

Tried a more authentic haggis today, it's a darn shame the media has made so many jokes about it being gross... it's quite tasty!

I just realized that I had my previous blog post set as anonymous. I've since corrected it, and new posts will appear at

I'm starting a blog! I've been wanting to dive into the world of databases more and learn more about how the different database models work, and the pros/cons of them. So I'm going to document my journey as I go through this.

First post is now up!

Thoughts on locally installing a database for messing around with, or just installing a docker image? Hoping to experiment with a bunch of different databases, and I'm realizing it might be easier to just install a bunch of docker images.

This seems like a neat distro, it follows a completely different filesystem structure in that every application is fully contained within it's own folder.

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In this day and age, we SHOULD be able to DL a spreadsheet from any government office and see how and where all money is spent. - After all, it's all Taxpayer money, right?

Bought a tens machine to help with some pain I've been having and I must say I'm rather impressed, the pain in my sciatic nerve seems to be completely gone!

So this is a thing I didn't expect to see, an uber eats commercial with Mark Hamil and Patrick Stewart.

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