So reading about wayland... seems interesting, and sway is a thing which is supposed to be like i3 for wayland...

Is it worth looking into for when I mess around with setting up arch? Or is it too early to go messing around with that for a main install?

Man, the one job that I thought I had a good chance of getting an interview for just got back to me and said they wouldn't be moving forward with my application...

What are peoples thoughts on xmonad when compared to i3? curious to check it out...

I think one of my biggest surprises going through college for computer programming, is the amount of people going into programming that aren't what I'd consider "tech nerds"

noted... oboe audio library is wayyyy lower level than fmod... and I don't have the patience to try and figure out how to get fmod imported into android studio

scary thing is oboe is still meant to be a higher level wrapper over the existing precision audio libraries

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Anyone know of any FOSS devices similar to the bitdefender box?

Either something premade or a DIY project?

thoughts on anti virus on linux?

Thinking of either checking out comodo or clamav...

Rereading "Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well" by Satish Kumar, and I find it very inspiring...

I think I needed this right now... highly recommend the book to anyone else feeling bogged down by all the rampant consumerism and what not.

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Monopolies and megacorporations are inherently anticapitalistic, because they undermine competition, which is a key part of capitalism. They are a sign of a failure to effectively regulate the market, and must be eliminated for the system to work properly.

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Imagine every public corner in cities, towns, villages and all roads filled with fruit being trees - owned by nobody and everybody. In such abundance that it would be useless for someone to try and claim them.

If fruit trees in public spaces were guarded by citizens with the same zeal as we protect statues of dead people.

No really, imagine there's so much fruit around the year that children can pick them on the way to school without getting yelled at by old men. The most vulnerable among us could feed themselves and earn some by collecting and selling them.

This is a future i don't dread. This is a dream i would love to see realized.

I want to try and make a commitment to not responding provocatively to political posts. I'm realizing I still get riled up sometimes, and while I don't think it's as bad as I used to be I still have a ways to go.

I don't think getting into heated arguments is going to solve anything, and I need to try and embody that belief. Obviously there is only so far a rational argument can go before you get to an ideological wall where no more discussion.

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Considering trying Arch Linux after I have a bit more spare time...

Is there any reasons someone on the main mastodon instance wouldn't be able to see my toot @ them?

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Super excited. Perfect little boost to get me and my GF back to our old farm!


The Stardew Valley 1.4 update for PC/Mac/Linux will be available tomorrow at 10am PST. Less than 24 hours!


I always forget that it's the weekend... like I found myself looking to see if there were any responses to my job applications, despite it being saturday...

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