So apparently pure prepaid phones don't exist anymore in Canada (at least not that I've seen)

They all seem to require you to pay some monthly fee on top of whatever amount of money you put on it...

So happy to see stargazer in the list, love seeing local ontario businesses get represented. Such a good sauce and absolutely worthy of the #7 spot!

Anyone in Canada who ordered a pinephone? Did you have to pay much for shipping? Any duties? Extra fees? (Assuming you've gotten it yet, I don't know if they've started arriving)

If Microsoft is serious about this then much respect to them! Though I'd be curious to hear more details about their plan.

Thinking about trying to keep the number of packages I rely on in my new setup to a minimal, so as part of that... might see how viable it is to use either gtk or qt, but not have both on my system... Or am I just asking for a bad time by doing that XD

Is it possible/easily doable to implement emacs keybindings in vim or neovim?

Was thinking about checking out vim, but I like emacs keybindings better... and I've considered going with emacs, but I'm not really sure I need an entire environment in emacs... just an editor...

Trying to take on the philosophy of having software be dedicated to one task more or less, and doing it well...

if I wanted to set my home directory to be mounted on my big harddrive, would I need to wipe it out? Or can I just do that without affecting all the files on it? Like during the install and such, would it just create the necessary folders?

Also I guess on something like void or arch it might not even create folders would it?

feeling giddy as fuck right now because I managed to successfully get i3 working in void linux

now the question is, do I even bother trying to mess around with gentoo and arch? Or just stick with this...

Exploring the concept of whether it would be possible to create a "compiled binary" html format, so that rather than parsing html the way browsers currently do, it would read from a compiled binary format, with the intention being that parsing time would be much faster (or at least I'd like to imagine it would) and I would imagine such a system could also have faster DOM updates and would not need to make use of a virtual dom for SPA's?

Thoughts on the tiny house movement/off the grid living?

Does anyone know anything about building self supporting walls? Is it much more expensive than say, building walls that use the existing house structure for support?

Nvm what I thought was something I didn't understand was just pattern matching...

I keep thinking I'm starting to get a grasp on functional programming, and then it's just like "lolno"

Time to re-review how types work...

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A true YouTube killer will probably need to be an alternative front end for watching YouTube videos with the added ability to host videos directly as well. that way people could continue to watch youtube channels that have not moved yet but those who have moved or are hosting on both platforms can gain the benefits of the new platform. if the platform had the ability to show local content before youtube content when the content is the same that would be even better.

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The day has arrived! ProtonCalendar is now in open beta. Stay organized and stop corporations from spying on your schedule. Paid users can begin testing it today. Full details here:

I'm absolutely in love with elm-ui (and elm in general)

Just did this mockup in elm, haven't touched a single piece of CSS or HTML...

And then as far as I understand, for responsive design, I just can write a function that calculates the value I need for my margins and such based on screen size rather than creating a bunch of media queries in css? FUCK YA!

VR is a far more dramatic experience than I ever expected... and this is coming from soneone who briefly got to try VR before... something different about actually being able to take some time to mess around with it and see what it can do...

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