Hello again mastodon world, I'm back for now (after getting distracted with wedding stuff!)

Wedding reception playlist is more or less done! (Feeling proud)

Anyone know of any decent canadian vps hosting companies? Trying to support my local economy when possible...

So apparently George R.R Martin is working on a game with the creator of Dark Souls?

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please fromsoft. please remaster demons souls so i can play it

Grrrr, I wanna play danganronpa v3 without having to boot up my laptop...

The first two were ported to linux and run perfectly :( but they didn't port the third... and there is a major bug with running it via proton, that while people have found work arounds for... requires snagging some dlls from a windows 7 install which i don't feel like installing an entire vm for one game...


Damn this is rather impressive, as far as I understand this all 100% community contributed...

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So you're telling me that with Django, I can have a basic web app, with read/write/delete functionaltiy to a database, accessible from an administration panel, with proper user authentication and then have it set up to display and filter data on the website based on given parameters within like 30 minutes?

That's some magical shit right there...

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Saw a documentary last last night how we have poisoned the earth and ourselves with . The average person already has thousands of pieces of microplastic in their body. We could very well consume ourselfes into extinction. How cynical.


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Personal resolution: search for video content on Peertube/LBRY before jumping straight to invidio.us

Suggestion for Youtubers: upload your content to other platforms as well as Youtube, and encourage your viewers to watch you there instead.

As viewers, we can vote with our views by watching our favourite content creators on those platforms, and if possible make small donations to compensate for the lost ad revenue.

Tagging my favourite Free software loving Youtubers @gbryant and @lunduke

I need to spend less time browsing my facebook feed, and more time browsing fosstodons local feed...

Looking for suggestions for swing songs to add to my wedding reception playlist.

Random ad that popped up on an anime site... wtf is happening to this girls torso? Like that's not normal and I'm concerned for the artists understanding of anatomy...

Was thinking about how there are these moments where my Wife is busy with something, and I want to tell her something before i forget, but I also don't want to disturb her, so I was thinking I want some way of messaging her without distracting her with a notification...

Does anyone know if there is a messaging protocol that allows you to set priority on a message? Like you could have normal or important messages (and maybe messages flagged as unimportant) and then you could filter based on that? Like, say you want to set yourself to do not disturb, but you still want to be able to receive a notification if somebody has something important to tell you.

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